What To Look For In A Commercial Glass Service Company

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What does a business need in a commercial glass service company?

Business owners often don’t think about this until an urgent need arises. Such urgency may have you making quick decisions that you regret. Think ahead and team up with a glass service provider with decades of experience who understands your commercial glass needs and uses the best industry practices.


On-site services for preparing estimates saves a business owner time which, in the end, saves them money. Estimates are also more accurate with a glass professional having their trained eyes on the actual project.

Staying Visible:

For retailers, in particular, a business needs a glass company who understands how important a gleaming storefront is. You want skilled glass experts who have experience replacing glass in a store front’s aluminum framework. The more experience a glass craftsman has, the quicker you can have your storefront restored for all the world to see your wares on display.

Know The Code:

 A fly-by-night or fledgling glass company may not be familiar with the latest safety codes. Work with a glass company who cares and puts safety first. Whatever a project requires in order to comply with safety codes, choose a company that can deliver on all the options: annealed, insulated, laminated, or tempered glass.


What if you are a specialty boutique or high-end office with gorgeous entry doors featuring specialty glass with custom designs? Your glass replacement project will require artisans who can perform etchings or have the capability to create a replacement pane that matches intact stained glass panes. For custom glass replacement, you need more than just a technician who swaps out panes of glass. You need an artist.

Clearing Away The Clouds:

 One headache of insulated glass is that it becomes cloudy. Insulated glass is really two panes of glass with a sealed space between them. As time passes, the sealant ages and moisture eventually seeps in, creating a fog effect. With age come the clouds where insulated windows are concerned. The good news is that skilled glass experts can clear away these clouds.

Bullet-Resistant Glass:

Where top-notch security is necessary, businesses don’t want to mess around with substandard performance if they need bullet-resistance glass. Whether you are protecting a financial transaction work area or high-profile passengers in an automobile, you want the best expertise when installing this type of glass. And you may want to replace it even if it hasn’t taken a literal hit. Here are some things you may want to consider and determine if you should schedule replacement of your bullet-resistant glass:

  • Structural Remodels: If your business is located in a building of older construction, property management may eventually embark on a remodel. This could result in structural changes that compromise the integrity of the framework of your existing bullet-resistant glass. That means it’s time to upgrade your glass, keeping it in line with the new building construction.
  • Cleaning Compromise: The wrong kind of cleaners can compromise the effectiveness of bullet-resistant glass. If you discover that your glass has been put at risk because of the wrong cleaners, it is time to schedule a replacement. If you are faced with not knowing whether or not the wrong kind of cleaners has been used, it is better to err on the side of caution. If you inspect your glass and discover crazing, tiny little cracks that are the result of using the wrong cleaners, there is no doubt that your bullet resistant glass needs to be replaced.
  • Yellowing: Once yellowing begins to appear you may want to upgrade for aesthetic’s sake. Yellowing is not an indicator of safety compromise but it is an indicator of age and UV exposure and can affect a clear view of who is on the other side.
  • Taken A Hit: If your bullet-resistant glass has taken a hit by a bullet or even something like a hammer, you want to replace it. Call a professional for an assessment right away.

For all of your commercial glass needs, please contact us. With more than 30 years of experience, our glass professionals have a reputation for commitment to service and unparalleled expertise.