Sparkling New Glass Shower Doors!

When a customer contacted Michael’s Glass Company and explained to us that they wanted to make a change to their bathroom we suggested a new shower. Along with the new shower would come a new set of glass shower doors. These doors can make a bathroom sparkle with beauty and offer an easy to clean approach. Our customer could not have been more thrilled with the outcome of their new glass shower doors and Michael’s Glass Company could not be happier to have another satisfied customer.

Shower 4 picture MGC


Whether you have just built a new home or you want to replace your existing glass shower doors, contact Michael’s Glass Company for all your glass needs. To get a free estimate for new glass shower doors contact us today.  With a team of highly skilled glass technicians, we have provided high quality results for more than thirty years. We are owner operated which ensures the highest craftsmanship, quality, and the best pricing in the area.  Call today at 267-592-3433.