Is driving with a cracked windshield safe and can it break more while driving?

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A broken windshield is a serious issue and may render a car unsafe to drive. It is crucial that you know the consequences of having a cracked windshield as well as the importance of windshield repairs. Below are some vital questions and answers regarding windshield damage.

Can I Drive with a Cracked Windshield?

To answer this question shortly, yes, you can drive with a cracked windshield, but it is highly discouraged, both for legal and safety reasons. Two reasons you should have your damaged windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible are:

Windshields weakened by damage provide less protection

Cracked windshields decrease your visibility while driving and pose a major safety hazard

You want to be sure that your car is safe for you and others. Having an undamaged windshield is one of these critical components you would want to ensure your vehicle is as safe as can be. Windshields are designed with two layers of glass laminated together. If one layer of glass breaks, the laminate and the inside layer of glass hold the windshield together, keeping pieces of glass from injuring the car owner or passengers of the car, or falling onto the road.

Never ignore a damaged windshield. A small crack can signify that the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised and that it can get worse. Though this may not seem like an immediate danger, if the break appears to become larger and is near the edge of the windshield this could lead to major consequences. If this occurs, it’s a good idea to have the glass replaced immediately and to avoid driving as much as possible, especially if the damaged glass impairs the vision of the driver.

In these cases, it is best to seek out a reputable auto glass company, such as Michael’s Glass Company.

Can a Crack in the Windshield Cause the Glass to Shatter?

Small chips or large cracks in a windshield can quickly be repaired, and there are products available to help prevent the cracks from taking over your windshield as well. One of the most common problems with cracks in a windshield is that they can spread and even worsen over time.
They create weak points in the windshield that are likely to spread, thanks to various factors such as moisture, the windshield flexing while driving over bumps, and extreme temperature changes that cause the glass to expand or contract, adding more stress to the windshield crack.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid pressing on a broken windshield from the interior of the car. The entire windshield’s concave shape can severely weaken the structure of the windshield when it is cracked, and pushing on it can only make it worse.

The good news, though, is that modern windshields are engineered with safety glass to help hold together. If the windshield shatters, it is attached by strong adhesives applied to the glass to prevent broken pieces from falling into the car or onto the road. Because the windshield is laminated, the glass shouldn’t come off from the frame or collapse into the car.

How Do I Know When to Replace or Repair a Windshield?

If the damage is easy to see with the naked eye, and there is no risk of a bad windshield installation, this is when you should go in for a repair. The damage should be fixed quickly to prevent further damage.

Want to know how they repair a windshield? Repairs shops apply a transparent resin to seal the chip or crack. The goal of using this resin is to restore the integrity of the windshield as well as to erase the signs of damage. If a crack or visual distortion is visible after the repair, the integrity of the repair was compromised, and the windshield will need to be replaced.

It is best to replace the windshield when the damage is larger than three inches, and there are more than three cracks or chips. Also, if the break is located at the edge of the windshield, jeopardizing its integrity and has “spider-webbed” quickly, then it is time to go to the repair shop. At this point, there is no time to waste.

What Should I Do with a Cracked Windshield?

If you have determined there is indeed a large crack or small chip in your windshield glass and that it needs to be replaced, you should go sooner rather than later. A standard issue with small cracks is that they tend to grow, and with fluctuating temperatures, they can cause the glass to either expand or contract. Having a break in the windshield creates a weak point –allowing it to be more fragile and prone to breaking, so why wait for windshield replacement? Go to an auto-care replacement company, such as Michael’s Glass Company, to have your windshield repaired or replaced.

Auto-Glass Care and Replacement

Michael’s Glass Company offers thorough and quick auto glass repairs. If necessary, customers can get the high-quality auto glass replacement that they need from Michael’s Glass Company as well. If you need auto glass repairs or new auto glass, including windshield repair, you can contact Michael’s Glass Company by calling 267-592-3433 or emailing us to get more pricing information. Bring your vehicle to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. And, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Our goal is to be your go-to source for your glass needs.

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