Glass Shattering Events That Lead To Auto Glass Repair

Automotive screens are made to ensure great safety while driving. This means that they are not easily shattered. However, unless you are a government executive or a major celebrity with bulletproof glass in your car, regardless of how firm and well-constructed the windows of your automobile are, they are bound of break under certain regular circumstances.

The first thing that comes to our mind is the accidents that take place, but we will rule those out for this blog. Here, we will talk about the anomalies. In places like Philadelphia, experiencing a cracked auto glass is more common than you would think. But it also often leaves people perplexed as to what exactly led to them requiring auto glass repair? Well, the following are some of the most common reasons why your vehicle’s glass might crack, leaving you with a hefty auto glass repair bill.


Stones and Debris

Have you ever heard those sharp tapping sounds while driving? Most of us don’t tend to notice them as we are either talking or listening to songs. These sharps sounds are from the tiny pebbles and stones that come flying onto your windscreen and smash into it. You may not notice it upfront but if the stone has struck the screen strong enough, it leaves a tiny crack. This tiny crack is enough for your windshield to need auto glass repair services.

With time, this tends to grow, and when you witness it, you are confused as to what led to the crack. The next time you see a crack in your windscreen out of nowhere, know that it might be a tiny stone that may have smashed into the glass earlier.


Temperature Differences

Another common reason that leads to auto glass repair is the great difference in temperature. It is a commonly understood scientific phenomenon that a glass expands when heated and contracts when cooled. If the climate changes rapidly, the auto glass tends to weaken.

This continues to happen every time drastic temperature changes take place until the windscreen or any other glass weakens to a point where it gets shattered. If one fine day all of a sudden your auto glass cracks, the climate may well be at fault.

This can also happen in extremely cold temperatures, but if you live in a place like Philadelphia, direct sunlight could play a part in your cracked automotive glass.


Manufacturing Faults

Although this doesn’t normally happen, the shattered glass of your automobile can be a consequence of manufacturing faults. If that is the case, even a minute impact on the screen can lead to a cracked or shattered glass.


Broken Wipers

If everything else is fine, your automobile’s wipers can take the action into their own hands. If these are old and haven’t been replaced for a while, using them can cause scratches to appear on the screen. This leads to potential cracks as the glass weakens over time. Even if it doesn’t lead to potential cracks, the scratches alone can make it difficult to see through the windscreen, making an auto glass replacement necessary.


The Danger

 A very common practice seen in Philadelphia is that people don’t treat their cracked auto screens until the vision through them becomes almost completely blur. This does not save people any money. Instead, it puts you in great danger of harming yourself, adds greatly to the probability of accidents, and can lead to a potentially great monetary loss due to the repairs and medical expenses incurred.

In short, it cannot be emphasized enough that leaving a cracked glass in place is much more than just a bad idea. There is absolutely no good that could come from it.


Types of Cracks

There are several different types of cracks that could appear on your auto’s glass. The most common one is called the edge crack. In fact, edge cracks are said to be among the most common reasons for an auto glass replacement. Then there is the chip which means a tiny portion of the glass falls off completely, leaving a hole. Other common types of cracks include the floater crack and the stress crack caused by extreme weather and exposure to direct sunlight respectively.


The Common Notion

Another common notion that prevails is that a crack stops growing after the impact is gone. Actually, it continues to grow slowly and continues to weaken the glass up to the point that it shatters. There is only a very rare chance that the crack on your automobile’s screen will stop growing.


Repair or Replace?

Whether you have a crack on the windscreen of your vehicle, or the side mirror, you have two alternatives to choose from. Either you can get the cracked or broken glass repaired or you may get it replaced. Both have their own benefits and both are subject to different conditions. It all depends on how big and deep the damage is.

If the crack is small and not too deep, you may go for a repair treatment for it. Otherwise, opting for an auto glass replacement will be a better idea.


Where to Get It?

Auto glass replacement can be a hassle. These types of jobs can be very difficult DIY projects as well. For tips, tricks, and advice on auto glass replacement contact Michael’s Glass Company. We have been industry leaders for over ten years and can offer valuable advice. You can easily get in touch with us by dialing (215) 338-3293, or by visiting our office at 4625 Knorr St., Philadelphia, PA 19135.