Custom Built Glass Shower Enclosure Installation

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Are you looking to revitalize or even completely re-envision your bathroom shower? Or are you just looking for some hot tips on what to do next for a DIY job?

When imagining the bathroom of your dreams, most start with the shower. It’s the core element of the space and it defines both the function and the feel. The shower is the heart of the bathroom, where you reset each morning and prepare to face the day.

When your shower has all the design elements and luxuries that you dream of, the entire bathroom transcends a mere four walls and plumbing – transforming into an oasis.

Steve Agrees that a Custom Glass Shower Looks Great

Steve recently received a custom shower enclosure from Michael’s Glass Company, and had this to say about the work:

“It looks great and am so pleased with turnaround time and professional installation. It’s perfect and shower is up and running. I hope you had a great holiday and enjoy your new year. If I ever need anything glass related I know exactly who to come to. Thanks again.”

What are the most important factors?

The experts at Michael’s Glass Company say a good shower enclosure should look like it is a part of the home. The best enclosures look like they are custom made to be in that specific room. Beyond implementation, price is another key factor. And finally, you should consider the long-term value the shower will bring to the home.

Should you DIY or hire a professional?

It depends on the type of shower enclosure you choose and how custom you want the enclosure to be. It is possible to install a shower enclosure yourself. But the more custom and complex your vision, the more likely it is you should utilize a factory-trained professional, like Michael’s Glass Company.

Which is best: framed or frameless?

The best answer again depends on the type of look you are going for. You want to determine how thick or heavy the glass is that you will use and the size and shape of your opening. Framed options are more forgiving in measurements and installation, but won’t give you a completely custom look like a frameless enclosure might.

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