What Do I Do If My Car’s Windshield Gets Cracked?

Car windshields do get cracked or broken. Remember your safety and the safety of others what you should and should not do in the event your windshield gets cracked. By taking these precautions, you can limit the damage and continue safely to your destination.

What You Should Do:

  • The first thing you need to do is measure the crack or chip. If it is smaller than a quarter or shorter than 12 inches in length, you can usually have it repaired without replacing the whole windshield.
  • If you plan on driving your car before the repairs have been made, you need to make certain that the damage doesn’t impact your view. If your view is affected, do not drive until repairs are completed.
  • Don’t let dirt get into the chip or crack or it could make the repair more challenging. Put a clear piece of tape on the point of impact, just make sure the tape doesn’t affect your vision when driving.
  • Don’t leave your car out in the sun. Letting heat increase in the car can cause the crack to grow and weaken the windshield. Until repairs are made, you need to park either inside a garage or in an area that is shady.
  • Immediately call your local Auto Glass service repair company to either repair or replace your windshield.

What You Should Not Do:

  • Don’t drive your vehicle if the crack is longer than 12 inches or the chip is bigger than a quarter. Your windshield’s integrity could be compromised.
  • Extreme temperatures should be avoided. Don’t turn your defroster or air conditioner on high. If windows need to be defrosted, use your heater to do it gradually.
  • Be careful to avoid slamming your car doors while the windows are rolled all the way because it will create additional pressure inside the vehicle that can cause further windshield cracking.
  • Getting water in the damaged area can cause chips or cracks to get bigger, so don’t wash your vehicle.
  • If the chip is greater than a quarter or the crack is longer than 12 inches don’t repair the windshield. Instead, get it replaced.
  • Don’t just go to anyone to have your windshield replaced or repaired. Call on a Philadelphia auto glass repair specialist. Here at Michael’s Glass Company, we have auto glass repair specialists who are leaders in the industry. Call us today for an estimate or to schedule repairs.