Custom Mirrors and How They Can Benefit a Room

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Custom Mirrors: Let Your Creativity Shine

Using mirrors to jazz up living spaces have been in vogue for a long while. It is one of the more economical ways in which you could embellish your home or office. Custom mirrors can give you the look you want making the space look spacious, colorful, minimalist, or antique. There is a range of mirrors that can fit your design needs.

If you’re thinking about using mirrors to create a look that stands out, here are some custom mirror ideas that you can use:


Mirrored Walls

You can play up a long hallway or a bare wall with mirrors! Custom-made mirror panels that cover the length of the wall or a collage of smaller mirrors can bring your wall or hallway to life. If you’re adventurous, you could try various tints to add a more modern abstract look to the mirrored walls.


Antique Mirrors

An ornately carved antique mirror is sure to add charm to your room when placed above the fireplace. Antique mirrors also add elegance to a classically furnished living or dining room.

If you plan to use a large antique mirror as the focal point in a room, make sure the decor complements the mirror. Otherwise, it could look out of place.


Create your own style

If you are a non-conformist and are bold enough to try new things out… creating your own custom glass mirror design or theme should be right up your alley! Get creative with connected mirrors of different shapes, or mirrors of different sizes with similar frames. You could even experiment with mirrors of different colors.


Functional Importance of Custom Mirrors:

 Apart from creating a look that suits your taste, custom mirrors add an illusion of a larger and brighter space. This is a bonus for a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

 Mirrors can also hide imperfections in your home, which are an eyesore. Can’t look at the gaping hole in the wall anymore? Do you have a discolored patch in your living room that you can’t take your eyes off of when you’re talking to your guests? Hang a custom mirror on the spot… and you have an instant solution!

The functional factors of Custom Mirrors have uses outside of your home too. If you’ve been to a gym or a dance studio, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Dance studios require space for people to move around freely. And one without mirrors and proper lighting will feel cramped even if it isn’t. Mirrored walls for dance studios add the illusion of space and reflect available light to add appropriate brightness.

Apart from looking spacious, mirrored walls that run the length of the wall gives your patrons a 360-degree view. It helps them see their mistakes, watch their instructor from every angle and builds confidence in them as they improve on their moves.


Finding Your Perfect Mirror

 Whether you’re looking for mirrored walls for dance studios or any custom-made mirrors for your home, let the professional crafters at Michael’s Glass help you to create the perfect piece best suited for your aesthetic or functional need. Michael’s Glass can craft any custom mirrors ranging from 4’ X 10’ to 7’ X 10’ stock sheets. Mirror sheets can be installed as a whole piece or can be customized according to requirements.

Before ordering a large custom-made mirror piece for installation, keep in mind that your doorway dimensions should be wide enough to fit the whole mirror through the door frame. Contact our crafters at (215) 338-3293 to get started on your custom-made mirror today.