Enjoy The Open, Clean Look And Feel Of High-Quality Glass Shower Enclosures

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Take just one shower in a tub with a moldy vinyl shower curtain that adheres to your body the second the water goes on, and you’ll readily consider Glass Shower Enclosures.

But there’s much more to making the switch than just avoiding those nasty plastic curtains that you have to replace regularly.  Experience the high-quality look and feel of tempered glass, either framed or unframed, for your shower, and you’ll wonder why shower curtains were ever invented.

In the hottest housing markets, springing for a kitchen or bath remodel is a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost. More importantly, you get a return on investment for aesthetics and user satisfaction every day that you get to enjoy the open feel and updated look of a glass shower enclosure.

Visually, a glass enclosure opens up your bathroom space, making sometimes cramped spaces feel proportionately larger. Light reaches once-dark areas of your bath, creating a more peaceful, relaxing environment.

Tempered glass, which is safe and durable, is used for shower updates, and can be designed for any size space you have. You can choose 1/4 or 3/8 inch glass thicknesses, as well as from a myriad of pattern and style options. Professional installers work with you to choose framed or unframed installations.

Finishes for framed glass shower doors offer a variety of choices: chrome, polished brass, burnished brass, black, and bronze, for example. Match your existing fixtures, or expand the look by adding new depth and texture to your bath with patterned or embellished hardware. Choosing the direction your door opens–or slides–can positively affect the appearance and usefulness of your bath.

Frameless showers can be cut to precise shapes and angles to fit any space. The beauty of frameless glass showers is in the visual openness and fluid look they create. Particularly appealing is the way the space is instantly enlarged visually.

Though it seems counterintuitive, glass shower doors are more durable than old-fashioned bath options. Glass doors are sturdy, and do not have parts that corrode over time. Clear sealant ensures that glass shower enclosures are water-tight, and continue the clean look of your space.

Remember that moldy curtain? It can be a long-forgotten memory. Nonporous acrylic glass is not only durable; it is mold and mildew resistant as well. Lower maintenance, combined with the upscale quality and aesthetics of a glass enclosure, makes the upgrade appealing; the right design and installation professionals make it a carefree investment you will appreciate daily.

Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, if you are interested in a free estimate, contact us. Whether you are in town or the in the suburbs, or even down the shore, we will come to you and help design the shower look and quality you deserve, all at the best price you’ll find. We are a family owned and operated business, and take great pride in providing the best in design, product, and service.  Please click or call Michael’s Glass Company at (267) 592-3433.