Clear Glass Shower Door Cleaning

When you invest in a glass shower door, you want to make sure it keeps its beautiful pristine appearance. While clear glass is not like textured glass that hides water spots, it does not require a lot of maintenance or effort to keep it looking its best.

While some people feel like wiping off your shower after every use is a difficult, time consuming task that is far from the case. Instead, it only takes a few seconds to do very quickly. You can have the squeegee hanging inside the shower for fast, convenient access as well.

There are several options you can use to make sure it stays spot-free and sparkling. After every shower, you can wipe off with a squeegee or spray it down with a cleaner, such as Clean Shower or Scrubbing Bubbles. Another option is to use the hand shower to spray the inside of the shower to rinse off any soap residue.

Either weekly or monthly, you can wipe the shower down with vinegar using a microfiber cloth. This is the perfect solution for those who don’t like using chemicals and who want to make sure their shower is always sparkling clean and free from hard water spots.

If you prefer, your weekly or monthly cleanings can involve a microfiber cloth and a spray-on glass cleaner. This is also a fast and simple approach that only takes up about five minutes of your time. By just doing these fast maintenance cleaning processes, you can get your shower glass looking fresh and attractive.

Also, the spotting can be impacted by the kind of water you use, such as well water or a municipal water supply. Sometimes, hard well water may cause worse spotting so you may have to wipe the glass shower door off even more often than usual.

If you are interested in a clear glass shower door in Philadelphia, call Michael’s Glass Company for a free estimate. We have provided Philadelphia with quality glass shower doors for years.