Auto Glass Replacement and Repair: To Repair or Replace?

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Auto Glass Replacement and Repair is one of the most common decisions a car owner confronts. Rocks, tools, cans, and just about anything left lying on the roads, freeways, and byways of the country’s roads are the typical suspects that thrust car owners to decide whether to repair or replace their windshields. When that car window cracks or chips it is hard to ignore as it remains a constant reminder every time the driver gets behind the wheel.

Though with the access of the Internet, coupled with a DIY attitude of many drivers, the true nature of the damage and the danger it poses is at odds with one another. Sensibly, even if the driver chooses to fix it without help, the first act the driver should make is to seek a professional’s opinion for various reasons.

Assessing the Damage of a Small Crack in Your Windshield

The depth and length of the crack, the weather, the type of auto glass in older vehicles, including prior windshield repairs can make a big difference. Once the window decides to crack further, perhaps even to the point of breaking into pieces, the road is the last place any driver would want to find themselves.

A small crack or chip in a windshield can appear harmless at first sight, but if the weather changes, or even remains the same, the damage may multiply quickly resulting in total windshield failure. During summer months, when the weather is hotter, the glass has a tendency to expand resulting in the crack widening. Wedded to the summer months is the use of the air conditioner. Just like in winter months when the cold cause the windshield to “shrink”, the A/C will do the same. 

How Windshield Spiders Grow

The expansion, quickly followed by cooling from inside, works to place stress on the chip or crack, causing it to crack further. A chip, just as a reminder, is fertile grounds for cracks to begin and grow, just as is the normal pressure placed on the windshield during driving. 

Any crack longer than a few inches long, or one that opens to the inside, or nearly so, is definitely a sign that the windshield needs replacement. That’s an indisputable fact, but one that is easily resolved. Believing that the modern resins can fix any windshield damage is overstating their power. A brief cruise through the Internet will satisfy any naysayer’s justifiable doubt. 

Don’t Just Search Google, Make an Appointment

And, while on the Internet, make an appointment with an auto glass replacement company, like Michael’s Glass Company — that should prove smart. Available to fix or replace windshields where the car is, within defined localities, along with competitive prices, makes the choice even easier. Examining your insurance policy should also prove wise. Many insurance companies reimburse for repairs and even auto glass replacement. Check to make sure, because not all insurance companies are not alike.

On this point, neither are all repair or replacement companies alike. When searching for a company to fix or repair a windshield, look to the years they have worked in the industry. See if they have any testimonials, awards or belong to any notable associations. There are plenty of out there promising to do a good job, but there is simply no substitute for experience and training — definitely look for these qualifications.

Windshields are for There for Safety

As a reminder, the windshield of a car is there for safety reasons — yours and the passengers. with that level of responsibility resting on the driver’s shoulders, there is no excuse for not obtaining an expert’s opinion about a crack or chip in your car’s windshield.  

Contact us, Michael’s Glass Company, to learn more about their expert quality windshield repair and replacement, aside from learning about all the other quality glass projects Michael’s offers to the public.