Auto Glass Replacement and Repair: A Growing Crack In A Windshield

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Auto glass replacement and repair methods have improved significantly. Efficiency and speed play a major role in providing the public with excellent maintenance and repair that proves to be more reliable than ever. Service is quick, and a ‘come-to-where-you-are’ policy exists, making the repair or replacement decision easier. Often, servicers bill insurers directly, turning the event into a pleasurable experience.

The first service Michael’s Glass Company provides free. There is no out-of-pocket expense.  Once a chip or crack occurs to your windshield don’t hesitate – fix it now. The reasons are multiple, but safety proves foremost. Proof lies in the fact that Michael’s will come to you in most areas throughout the Tri-state area.

The windshield is part of the safety system of a vehicle. Chips and cracks grow fast and compromise the driver’s safety as they grow. At high speeds, a cracked window may break exposing the driver and passengers to severe injuries. According to Debra Levy, president of the Auto Glass Safety Council, “What’s important is that it gets fixed soon, as … cracks and chips can grow longer or wider if not repaired or replaced.”

A surprising fact revolves around the windshields role in an automobile’s structure. “In a front end collision the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle and in a rollover, up to 60%,” according to Safe’s website. Though a little-known fact, its revelation underscores the need not to ignore repairing or replacing a windshield as soon as practicable.

The issue of when to replace is important to explore. Knowing that cracks and chips grow quickly, safety and cost considerations deserve consideration. 14 inches is the length that a crack can extend across a windshield before The Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard mandates complete replacement. Knowing that the cost is lower for repairing smaller cracks and chips, along with safety concerns, should motivate a driver to act now.

The time it takes to repair smaller cracks and chips takes only about 30 minutes. Michael’s uses an approved resin to seal cracks and chips so they stop increasing in size or length, or pose any further danger.

Levy, above, pointed out that essential need to hire a professional company to do the work when she said, “Obviously, the ability to repair such big cracks or chips is dependent on the skills of the auto glass technician you’re using. Most one or two-inch chips are commonly dealt with, but again, it depends on what your tech says is possible.” With 30 years of experience, Michael’s exceeds the skill set required to provide the best job possible, while giving an honest and realistic assessment of the damage.

Replacement poses as an option in various circumstances – even when the crack or chip is small. If the crack goes from the exterior of the window to its interior, or is in corners or tight spots, then replacement needs serious consideration, using a qualified technician. Also, any crack that increases in length or chips that expand calls for possible replacement of the windshield.

Replacement entails using the proper materials and glass for the vehicle. Michael’s purchases PGW and LOF directly from the manufacturer, according to their website, utilizing OEM urethane activators and primers to ensure a factory quality installation.

Stemming from 30 years of experience and quality service, all major insurers approve Michael’s services. Aside from auto glass, Michael’s  installs frameless shower doors, shower door enclosures, shower door sweeps, insulated glass units, glass table tops, custom wall and framed mirrors, as their website reveals.

Contact us, Michael’s Glass Company, for auto glass repairs and more throughout the Tri-state area. We’ll gladly come to where you are.