Auto Glass Care Tips

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The glass in your auto is important. It takes a beating from debris, dirt and bugs as you travel from destination to destination. You need to keep your windows and mirrors as clean as possible so you can see clearly.
First, you need to choose a good auto glass cleaner. Check the label to make sure that it doesn’t contain alcohol, ammonia or ingredients that can result in toxic fumes. There are effective non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners available.
When it comes to auto detailing, any product that has ammonia listed as an ingredient should be avoided. Ammonia can damage window tint. The fumes can lead to rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather to dry out and crack. Also, you may damage your car’s interior when cleaning your windows if you aren’t careful.
Choosing the right towel is very important. You need to select a glass cleaning microfiber towel that is at least 300 GSM. The microfiber towels are durable and can hold as much as eight times their weight in water. Besides, they are lint free and do not scratch. Using rags can cause scratches and streaks.
If you are cleaning your entire car, save the rear-view mirror and the windows for the last step. Use care not to spray other cleaning chemicals onto the glass by spraying the cleaner right onto the towel rather than onto the surface.
If you use a back and forth and up and down motion when buffing your windows, you will not leave any streaks or spots. Instead, you will get a smooth, clean finish.
Use only a single towel, or one side of a towel, to wipe the surface clean. A second towel can be used to buff it off to a clean shine. Don’t cross contaminate by reusing towels for one thing and then another.
As your auto glass service company, we repair and replace all car windows and mirrors. If you notice any cracks or chips in your windows as you clean them, call us for an assessment of the damage. You don’t want to risk the crack or chip worsening.