7 Ways Specialty Glass Projects Can Enhance Your Home’s Decor

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Looking to add something new or special to your home but not sure where to begin? Various types of specialty glass projects exist that will add interest to a wide variety of interior spaces.

Adding clear or mirrored glass to your home decor is the perfect way to make a space look larger, bring in more light, and create a unique style.

With just a little imagination and planning, you can add any of these as well as many others to your home.

Clear Glass Projects

Dining Room Table – Introducing a clear, glass insert into the middle of your dining room table will create a unique look that you and your family are sure to love. Whether the rest of your table is wood or a more modern metal, adding glass will spark interest in the table and become a sparkling conversation piece at your next gathering of family and friends.

Occasional Tables – Whether a coffee table, a side table, or an accent table, you can’t go wrong with a glass-topped design to add elegance and style. Create your own table with an unconventional base, such as a large ceramic pot or a wicker basket, then place a round piece of glass on top to complete the look. You can also combine glass over wood to enhance a table you already own.

Desk Top – Using a sheet of glass for the top of your desk creates a very modern, clean and professional look for any office. In smaller rooms, a glass top will also make the room appear to have more open space because the clear glass won’t block your line of vision.

Wall Space – Replacing sections of a wall with glass is a unique way to open up space and make it more inviting. For example, consider a glass wall between a dining space and your living or family room. Such a bold addition makes the area look more open and inviting, while still allowing for some separation. If your home has a library, a partial glass wall between the room and your hallway will add immediate interest and draw anyone who passes by into the room.

Mirrored Glass Projects

Wall Mirrors – Having a line of ceiling to floor mirrors immediately opens up a room. This design element, once considered old-fashioned, is now back in style for specific spaces. When used in a home gym or a home dance studio, these mirrors will provide functionality by giving you a full view of yourself and your activities so you can work on your moves to get them just right. If you have a large dressing room, wall mirrors will allow you to fully see your wardrobe and how you look from head to toe. On a smaller scale, a mirrored area set as the backdrop in an alcove is also a good use of this type of wall design and makes the area look bigger by reflecting light into an otherwise dark niche of your home.

Hanging Mirrors – Don’t avoid using mirrors because of strangely shaped wall space. Custom mirrors are available and can add interest to almost any room. If you need a mirror for a bathroom where the wall isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, it’s entirely possible with a custom design. If you want to make your bar area or family room more interesting, consider a truly unique mirror, such as a mirrored sign with your family name etched on it, along with a personal message.

Artistic Mirrors – Mirrors are also a great way to introduce an artistic element to a room. Distinctive mirror shapes and designs can add depth to any space that needs it. Instead of hanging a normal painting on the wall, make a picture out of different sizes of square or oval-shaped mirrors or use a wrought iron design over mirrored tiles for a classy and elegant look. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to artistic design!

These are just a few ideas for adding specialized glass to improve your home’s decor.

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