Replacing A Broken Glass Tabletop By Michael’s Glass Co.

If you have a table with a glass top, you are probably aware that for safety reasons it is typically made of tempered glass. This means that a unique heating process was used to make the glass much more durable than standard or traditional glass. While it is rare, tempered glass can shatter or crack. Since glass is tempered after it has been cut to a particular size, a replacement glass tabletop would have to be special ordered.

The glass company will have to have detailed information, such as the precise measurements and the style of table. They will also have to know the thickness of the glass. One advantage to tempered glass is that on the rare occasion that it breaks, it will break into numerous tiny pieces rather than large, dangerous shards of glass that can cut.

Here are things to do if your glass table top breaks:

  • You need to take a sheet of white printer paper and draw your table’s shape on it. Make sure your drawing is neat, clear and large enough to be seen by the glass professionals.
  • Any dimensions should be written legibly in inches rather than feet and inches.
  • Make note of the desired thickness of the glass.
  • Indicate if you want clear or tempered glass for the table top. You may want to use tinted glass, such as light gray, bronze, dark gray or green.
  • You need to indicate what kind of edgework you want and show if you want all edges to be finished. If you don’t specify, most glassworkers will use a seamed edge, which is safe to handle but not suitable for a table. For an edge that is more finished, you want something decorative, round and safe, such as satin or glossy.
  • If a hole is needed on the glass table top, indicate the location and the desired diameter.

For a custom made glass table top in Philadelphia, call on Michael’s Glass Company which has more than 30 years of experience in providing glass table tops in the area.