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Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top Replacement? 5 Points To Ponder When Replacing Glass Table Tops

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Contemporary, modern, and minimalist interior design schemes often feature furnishings with table top glass. Dinettes, dining room tables, coffee tables, patio tables, end tables, and sofa tables are frequent fixtures with glass tops installed. With its sleek appearance and easy to clean nature, it is no wonder glass table tops are so popular. And, if disaster strikes,…

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outside view of a glass shower enclosure

What Are The Different Types of Shower Enclosures?

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Over the years, glass shower enclosures have grabbed the baton from the traditional shower curtain, and taken the lead regarding consumer preference and satisfaction. Not only are they easier to clean, but the wide array of sleek designs makes glass showers a more attractive option for homeowners to hotel travelers. When choosing glass showers for your construction project, there are three basic options from…

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Vehicle Cracked Windshield Shatter

Can a Vehicle’s Cracked Windshield Shatter?

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The short answer to this question is yes- that cracked windshield of yours can shatter. However, there are several considerations involved, and in actuality, the term “shatter” may not accurately define what truly occurs to the windshield.   The glass in a windshield is laminated, which means it is composed of two layers of glass…

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