Choosing Glass the Right Thickness for Your Table

How thick a tabletop needs to be is very much dependent on the table itself. As an example, if you simply plan on using the glass as a protective cover on top of another table top, glass that is a quarter-inch thick should be adequate. If the glass is going to serve as the actual table top or table surface, it may need to be thicker.
In any event, if the table has a dimension larger than 24 inches or will be supporting heavy objects, the glass needs to be thicker than a quarter-inch. The most popular thicknesses are 3/8″, ½” or ¼”. The thicker a glass top is, the more substantial the look and feel of it. However, if the glass top is too thick for the size of the table, the weight can be a concern. As size increases, thicker glass can increase the weight greatly.

The Different Thicknesses

If you are looking for a glass top for patio tables, inserts, smaller tables or protective glass covers, 1/4″ thickness is usually adequate. For glass tabletops and protective covers, the ¼” glass should work. If you need a glass top for a heavy, unsupported table top where the glass will be the stand alone table top, 3/8″ thickness is popular and durable. For a strong, attractive tabletop, ½” thickness provides the protection and durability needed for a stand-alone tabletop.

Custom Orders

We can create a glass tabletop in the measurements and thickness you need for your project. When it comes to glass, we are a full-service glass company, providing glass tabletops, mirrors, windows, doors and more. If you are in need of a glass tabletop, call us today to discuss your needs. We can quickly get the right tabletop ready for your project.