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Glass Table Tops Are A Design Staple

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A glass-topped table is a design staple that fits virtually any style of decor, allows you to truly appreciate an unusual table base, and brightens up (literally!) a dark space. Table Top Glass comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes – round, square, rectangular. You can get colored or mirror glass table tops, tempered…

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Vehicle Cracked Windshield Shatter

Can a Vehicle’s Cracked Windshield Shatter?

The short answer to this question is yes- that cracked windshield of yours can shatter. However, there are several considerations involved, and in actuality, the term “shatter” may not accurately define what truly occurs to the windshield. The glass in a windshield is laminated, which means it is composed of two layers of glass and…

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Insulated window glass repair in Philadelphia

Effective Professional Solutions for Broken or Cloudy Insulated Glass

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Philadelphia weather is brutal. Icy and cold winters and scorching summer temperatures force you to take shelter indoors. While heating and air conditioning provide the comfort you seek, maintaining a pleasant interior climate can raise your energy usage and increase your monthly gas and electric bills. If you have insulated glass windows in your home…

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Finding Craftsmen for Specialty Glass Projects

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Glass has been around for about 4,000 years. Considering how complicated it is to manufacture, it’s amazing to discover fine, artisan crafted, specialty glass projects that date back to the Hellenists. Glass ornaments have all been uncovered in archaeological finds in ancient Greece, as well as ancient Egypt. However, compared to the glasswork produced by the…

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Specialty Window Glass Addresses Many Important Needs

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Specialty window glass includes a diverse array of glass products that bring added beauty, increased safety and privacy to your home or business. Types of Specialty Glass Here are just some of the unique types of window glass available on the market: Art glass – Decorative glass that is opalescent, iridescent or patterned is often called art…

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