How Can I Protect My Auto Glass Against The Extreme Summer Heat?

When summer rolls around, we (some of us) can’t wait for the change in temperature. No longer do we need light jackets as we did in the spring. Now, there’s longer days, cool nights and more trips. However, with all the great things about summer, there are also some bad things, such as bugs, sunburns, and extreme temperatures. For protecting your auto glass now that heat is building during the day, you should be aware of what can make a tiny chip a bigger one. And when a chip is bigger than a quarter, you need to get your vehicle to a trusted windshield repair shop as soon as possible.


Extreme Temperatures Damage Auto Glass

When it comes to auto glass replacement because of a chip or crack during the summer months, most people think it’s because of the heat. That’s not true. It’s the extreme temperatures that cause the damage. When you rush into your car and crank up the air conditioning, the extreme cold reacts with the high heat of the windshield, especially if it’s been baking in the sun all day. The reaction causes the glass to expand beyond its parameters. The pressure can cause a small chip or crack to become bigger. The chip or crack affects the first layer of glass.


Ways to Give your Windshield Extra Care

On sweltering days, there are many ways to protect your windshield from the heat.

  1. Crack your vehicle’s windows. This allows the air to circulate in and around your car.
  2. Get a sunshade. They are made from fabric or cardboard to block the windshield from absorbing the heat, instead of the glass. It’s always best to get a sunshade that is made for your vehicle.
  3. If you don’t use a sunshade, you can cover your dash. This doesn’t protect the windshield completely, but it will keep your car’s interior cooler. They also protect the vinyl from fading.
  4. Cover the steering wheel. Even being out in the sun for an hour can heat up your steering wheel. You can cover the steering wheel with a towel. In extreme heat, vinyl and leather can heat up, especially the metal parts. You can also use towels to cover the seats for added protection against hot seats.
  5. Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun and the cold water can cause a reaction, especially if you do this repeatedly.
  6. Don’t slam your car doors. The vibration can cause a chip or crack to become worse since the glass is already weakened by the extreme temperatures.


We’ve Got your Auto Glass Covered

No one wants their summer fun interrupted because of a windshield repair or replacement. At Michaels’ Glass Company, our expert staff is here to help you get back on the road quickly and at a price that won’t break the bank. A windshield is more than just for protection; it completes the design of a vehicle. And your vehicle is an expensive investment. To keep your investment running at its best, all parts should be regularly inspected, especially windshields. A rock or pebble kicked up by another vehicle can hit your auto glass and cause the tiniest of chips. The extreme temperatures of summer can expand that chip from a barely there to a sizeable one.


Contact us today to learn how we can help your windshield stay in peak condition all year long. We also provide mirrors, custom glass shower doors, glass for tabletops, glass for bars, and much more. Ask for a free quote!