5 Potential Hazards Resulting From Broken Or Cracked Auto Glass

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Potential Hazards of Broken or Cracked Auto Glass

Ignoring a broken or cracked auto glass that results in a splintered windscreen is a strict no-no. It is a potential hazard that may lead to several outcomes, none too pleasant. The least of which could be a ticket or a violation.


Most professionals follow a simple rule of the thumb. A repair is the best option when the damage is considerably smaller. Otherwise, you need to replace it and request an auto glass repair.


For small chips and cracks on the windshield, the size of a $1 bill, repair takes less than 30 minutes. When you’re replacing your auto glass that has considerable damage, make sure if the auto glass repair company is using an OEM glass and urethane activators as well as primers to give you a factory finish.


The seemingly tiny issue of a cracked windshield may grow to be alarming unless you take action to fix it ASAP. The potential hazards for you to drive around with a broken windshield are not worth the risk.


If you think it’s not a big deal, think again. Here’s a list of things that may prove to be fatal, if you keep ignoring them:

Visibility– It is important to be able to look straight ahead when you are driving. Sadly, a broken or cracked windscreen may hinder your line of vision making you a potential victim of an impending car crash.


The sunlight often gets reflected through the broken surface straight into your eyes thereby impairing your vision.


Weakened Windshield Structure– Your vehicle needs to be equipped with a durable windshield in order to safeguard you from the elements. A damaged windscreen could protrude out in the event of a crash, leading to a greater chance of the roof collapsing.


Shattered Glass– If you continue to drive with a damaged windshield, the tiny chip or crack will continue to grow and the entire windscreen could potentially shatter.


You will not only have an onerous task on your hands of trying to clean up shards of glass from the interior of your car, but the broken glass pieces may end up injuring you and your co-passengers.


Airbag Deployment– The airbags that are equipped to protect you during a car crash may fail to deploy when it’s required the most. This usually occurs when a cracked windshield causes the airbags to break completely, thus hindering its normal functioning.


Improper Protection– The sturdy windshields help to protect you by softening the impact during an accident. A cracked or chipped one will not be able to stop external objects that come hurtling towards you.


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