4 Ways To Customize Glass Shower Enclosures

If there is a shower in your bathroom, whether it is a master or a guest bathroom, of course, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. Glass shower enclosures can be customized in a variety of ways . Exploring the different options makes it easier to achieve a great look that matches the personality of your home.

Swing vs. Sliding

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when you have a glass shower enclosure is the door. Do you want the door to swing open, or would you prefer it to slide?  Both have their pros and cons. The answer may also be dictated by the amount of space you have within the room. Doors that slide to the side require much less space as opposed to providing a large enough area for it to swing open.

By working with a custom glass company, you can have an enclosure that is built to your specifications. Even if you have an enclosure already in place, modifications and enhancements might be readily available allowing you to receive the look that you really prefer or want.

Style of Glass

Tempered glass, also known as toughened, is most frequently used in glass shower enclosures because of strength it offers. Even if you were to accidentally slam the door shut, the glass would not shatter. Tempered glass is important in providing safety, security and the durability that you need for the room. The style of the glass is a personal decision, is the glass clear or will it have a frosting or pattern? Have your glass company representative provide you with a complimentary onsite visit allowing you to explore different options.  You will be able to get a good idea on what would look best in your bathroom.  Let’s face it; a quality design could end up being an excellent addition to your home’s value.  And if the new upgrade makes you happy in your home, then you get an extra benefit which you will enjoy and experience daily.

Overall Shape

When selecting a glass shower enclosure, you receive the benefit of controlling the shape of the glass shower enclosure.  You can customize the overall shape of the shower stall. Many people opt for a rectangular look, and it is the most common. But if that is not the form you prefer, and you are looking for something different, you can customize the overall shape to fit your wants and needs.

Frameless designs are available and are becoming more desirable.  With the frameless design, you can choose to have the glass cut in various shapes and sizes. As long as the alcove for the shower is large enough, you can have the glass cut without having to worry about any metal in the frame. Instead, a seamless transition is created, allowing you to have a very clean, open and modern look within your bathroom.


All sorts of different showers are available, and the glass can provide as much privacy as you desire. Depending upon the overall layout of the bathroom, it may be directly in front of a mirror. If you don’t want to look over and see yourself, or you don’t want others to walk in and get a full view of you while in the shower, you may want to opt for some level of privacy glass. Privacy glass can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that should you share the bathroom, anyone that enters will not detract from your privacy.

It all comes down to how you wish to customize your shower enclosure. Glass can be extremely versatile, and you can work with a professional glass company to get the aesthetics you desire.  Everything will be as you specified.  The door will function as you wish, the glass will be tempered and provide the privacy that you desire, and the entire shape can be customized so that it works best for the size and style of the bathroom.

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