The Different Ways to Take Care of Your Auto Glass in the Summer Heat

Protecting Auto Glass in Summer

You’ve finally recovered from the scratches from the horrible winter we’ve had, and now your windshield looks great. But, summer is on the horizon. That means temperature changes, hail, and outdoor sports. Is your auto glass ready?

Avoid Windshield Replacement

In summer, the weather is hot, and everyone is outside – kids and vehicles. It’s the time for road trips and get-togethers. You always take care off your vehicle before going on a long trip. That is making sure the tires are in good condition, the oil has been changed, and there are plenty of snacks in the car. But what about your windshield? We only focus on it when we can’t see out of it due to ice, snow or rain. Other things can affect the quality of your windshield.

  1. We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. There are more kids outside, which means more baseballs, bats, bikes and hard toys. A pop fly ball can cause serious damage if it hits your windshield. And if a child is playing too close to your car, the toy can end up hitting your auto glass causing a chip or crack. We recommend not parking too close to play areas, sports fields, and playgrounds.

  2. Having a clean windshield is mandatory for driving. In the winter, we use a great deal of windshield washer fluid to clean off the slush and salt spray. In the spring, we also use it to clean off pollen and bird droppings. And in the summer, water spots and puddle spray cause constant cleaning. When cleaning your auto glass, you should use a clean cloth with vinegar and water or cleaners made or windshields. Don’t assume you can you’re the glass cleaner you use on your mirror can be used on auto glass.

  3. Hail storms aren’t uncommon in our area. If possible, seek shelter to avoid chips and cracks caused by the hail. Some hail pieces have been the size of golf balls. If you aren’t near shelter or do not have a blanket in the car, you can protect your windshield with the floor mats of your car. Pull over and place the floor mats on the windshield until the storm subsides.

  4. Repair the damage quickly. If you see a chip or a crack, it is best to repair it quickly – even if it is very small. You’ll be driving more in the summer, and a bump in the road or extreme heat can make the damage worse at a faster rate.

  5. With hot temperatures, we tend to blast the A/C as soon as we get into the car. We recommend against this because the sudden change in temperature can affect the windshield, causing a crack. You should leave a window open a crack to let the air circulate in the vehicle.

  6. Check your windshield wipers. They may not be in good shape from previous seasons. Using the windshield wipers to speed up the defrosting process in the winter months can cause the damage the rubber, causing nicks in it. If damaged enough, the wipers can damage the windshield. We recommend you replace the wipers every season.

Auto Glass Specialists

At Michael’s Glass Company, we know how much you value your vehicle. We all try to be careful with them, but sometimes accidents happen. When you need to an auto glass replacement, see us. We provide a free auto glass replacement quote. We have replaced windshields on foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Contact us today if you have any questions and to get your free quote!