Mirror Care: Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Maintenance for Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirror Care & You

Mirrors are an important piece of home décor. Without mirrors, we wouldn’t be able to make sure our outfit is clean and without any holes. And they do show up in selfies. But if have a custom mirror, you want to give extra love. This is a piece that was made for your home or office. And they aren’t just found in the hallway or a bathroom.

A custom mirror can be used in many areas of the home. It can be on a bedroom ceiling for a touch of glamour, placed between beams or in the frame of a tray ceiling. If you want to show your creative side, you can assemble small mirrors that are cut into pieces or shapes into one large piece. You also use different colored mirrors or acrylic mirrors. If you are looking for a standing mirror that fits your height, you should go with a custom design. The frame is an important element too. You can use other mirrors cut to look like a frame or wood in a variety of colors.

For a uniquely custom look, you can layer mirrors. Perfect for a small bathroom or powder room, you would hang a large wall mirror and then attach a smaller mirror to it. If you want to cut down on tiles, you can have a large mirror that spans the width of your vanity or wall. If space is a challenge, you can get a custom corner mirror, which is made up of two pieces that helps with lighting.

Many fitness facilities and home gyms have custom mirrors to accommodate room sizes. Don’t forget that mirrors can also be works of art. For example, you can arrange a mirror gallery of different shapes and sizes. A French-cut mirror adds a whimsical look and can be made from a broken mirror.

Use the Right Cleaning Tools

When cleaning a bathroom or any other area of the house, it’s easy to continue to use the same cleaner and rag that you have used on other surfaces on a mirror, especially the multi-surface cleaners. However, when it comes to cleaning your custom mirror, there are different rules.

The Do’s

When cleaning your mirror, you should:

  1. apply cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth and then wipe the mirror. Don’t use a paper towel or rag. We can recommend cloths and cleaning products.
  2. use a cleaner that is alcohol based instead of ammonia or other strong chemicals.
  3. keep your mirror in high humidity area such as the bathroom, especially with a shower. This will extend its life.
  4. wipe in an S-pattern from top to bottom, instead of side to side.

The Don’ts

To keep you mirror sparkling and a showpiece, you should not:

  1. use a cleaner with abrasives, steel, acid or alkali or vinegar.
  2. spray the cleaner directly onto the mirror, so it doesn’t get behind the mirror or over a seem to damage the backing.
  3. rub in a circular motion because it will leave debris and dust as well as leave streaks.


From Cut to Custom Pieces

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