The Many Unique Benefits of Custom Glass Shelves for Your Home

Custom Glass Shelves for Any Home Décor

When deciding how you want to remodel a room in your home or even just a buying a new furniture piece, most people don’t think about glass. They believe it’s too fragile to handle the weight of dishware or collectibles. They may think glass shelving won’t go with their décor or that custom glass is too expensive. There’s also the safety factor. We get it. But today’s glass shelves are made to be sturdy and functional. The glass shelves of today aren’t thin and dull. There are many glass styles, shapes and thicknesses to choose from that will match your new cabinets, counters, and trophy cases. At Michael’s Glass Company, we can get you the glass you need for your custom glass project.

The latest trend in glass shelving is mixing it with other materials, such as wood, granite or tile. It’s fun to have custom glass shelves in a kitchen that has a subway tile backsplash and concrete countertops. Putting glass shelves in your bathroom in place of a medicine chest and will make the room feel larger and give it a unique look. If you are a collector, nothing shows off your treasures like glass shelves. The light naturally brightens them and allows your collectibles to take center stage. For those who have a home bar, glass shelving is a must for glassware and liquor.

Create Unique Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are not just rectangles. They are now available in an array of shapes and tints. Why not give your shower or vanity extra storage with corner shelves? Or, give your game room a dedicated area to show off video game accessories. You can also create a glass wall piece that looks like miniature stairs to display an object on each step. And you don’t have to place the glass shelves vertically or horizontally. Setting the shelves in a pattern is an excellent use of space. It’s easy to give any room a style upgrade with glass.

A Variety of Glass Shapes & Edges

Think outside the box with a different shape for your shelves.

  • Quarter Circle
  • Triangle
  • Curved Wall
  • Rectangle with Towel Bar
  • Bent Glass
  • Pentagon

We can also customize glass shelving for bookcases. In addition to the shape of the glass, the edging can add a stylish look.

  • Beveled Polished
  • Flat Polished
  • Ogee Polished
  • Pencil Polished
  • Seamed

The recommended thickness for glass shelving is 3/16″ – 4.7 mm and 1/4″ – 5.7 mm. There are a number of tints you can get as well.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Standard (Mirror Pane)
  • Super Gray
  • Gray
  • Bronze

You can always do clear or frosted. Tempered glass is another popular choice. It has a special break pattern for safety. It is also thermally stable, which is why it can withstand temperature changes (i.e., extreme heat).

Glass Shelving is Timeless

Glass is a versatile material and a great investment because it won’t discolor, rot or warp like wood. It also won’t rust like metal. Glass is easy to clean and saves on flooring space.

Trust the Glass Professional

Whether you are looking to add floating shelves below your television or need a particular shape of glass for your display case, our team of glass professionals can do the job. They have the expertise and experience in knowing which thickness and shape will work best in the area you want to install the shelving. And you can count on your glass shelving products to arrive safely to your home or office in a promptly. Call us (215) 338-3293 or visit our website today for more details and a free quote!