I Need to Fix a Windshield. Is the Best Option to Replace or Repair It?

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When to Replace or Repair A Windshield

The shock of falling debris on your windshields, such as rocks, pea gravel, salt chunks or branches, is enough to make you wince. Seeing the damage, the debris has done to your windshield is enough to make you cry. Upon inspection, most people think the windshield must be replaced. This is not true. To replace or repair it depends on the size, location, and severity of the damage.

Windshields had come a long way since 1919 when Henry Ford further developed a windshield technology from the French that combined two layers of glass with a plastic layer in between them. It’s called glass laminating. Not only was the windshield glued to a car, but it also strengthened its structure as it was part of the design. Windshields today have a high impact rating, along with airbags to protect the passengers from the glass. They can still be damaged. There are several types of glass damage:

Star – Short cracks are radiating outward from the center.

Bulls-Eye – A circular shape.

Pit – A gouge.

Crack Chip – Small crack less than an inch.

Partial Bullseye – A half-moon shape (half of a Bulls-Eye).

Repair the Windshield = The damage is the size of a quarter up to three inches – it can be covered by a dollar bill. The damage is easy to detect, and there is no risk of a bad windshield installation. The damage should be repaired quickly to prevent further cracking.

Clear resin is applied to seal the chip or crack. The goal is to restore the integrity of the windshield as well as to erase the signs of damage. If a crack or visual distortion appears after the repair, the integrity of the repair was compromised, and the windshield will need to be replaced. If you fix the damage yourself, you can avoid contacting your insurance company, and you keep the original OEM windshield.

Replace the windshield = The damage is larger than three inches, and there are more than three cracks or chips. The crack is located at the edge of the windshield jeopardizing its integrity and has “spider-webbed” quickly. It’s important to note that some auto glass facilities may not repair a chip directly in the driver’s line of vision. Also, your insurance company may encourage you to get it replaced.

If the windshield is improperly replaced:

  • The airbags will not deploy.
  • The windshield will not last long because the binding agent that was installed has gaps.
  • The windshield will leak water and wind noise can be heard, thus making the car unsafe.
  • The windshield could pop out from a collision.


Quality Auto Glass Replacement & Repair

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