Nine Creative and Effective Ways to Use Custom Glass in Your Home

Nine Creative and Effective Ways to Use Custom Glass in Your Home

Your home is your biggest investment. Whether you bought old or new construction, you want to put your stamp on it. This can be done with custom glass. It’s not just for windows! Using glass as a decorative element in your home can give it a modern or contemporary look. If that’s not your style, you can still incorporate glass into various spaces in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms (the moneymakers of a home). And glass is eco-friendly and cost-effective. At Michael’s Glass Co., we can show you how to give your home a facelift or a complete remodel with our glass ideas.


If you’re worried about using glass in your home around kids and pets, we understand. That’s why our custom glass is designed to withstand the weight of several people and thick enough to not easily break. You would be surprised at where glass can make a big statement without breaking the bank.


Furniture – Okay, this was an obvious one, but not many people have custom glass tops on their tables and desks. We offer a range of edges to match the style of the piece, such as beveled, seamed edge or pencil polish.

Staircases – For a modern look, you can replace the banisters and handrails with tempered glass. With a minimum thickness of 32 mm, you can be assured that they will not crack or shatter. You can even put mosaic tiles on the risers to dress up your staircase.

Dividers – Instead of adding more drywall, why not create a divider made of glass? This will allow more space and light into the room. You’ll see them in newer homes for a sophisticated look that’s easy to clean. You can do partition walls, room dividers, and sliding doors. In the bathroom, you can frost the glass for privacy. You can also divide the kitchen from the great room.

Tiles – This is another one that is popular, and the styles and colors are endless. You can use them in bathrooms on the floor, counters, tub, and shower for a custom look. They can also be used in the kitchen on backsplashes in glass sheets. They are easy to clean too.

Shelving – You can mix elements of wood and glass in your bookcase. Having glass shelves allows more light to highlight your treasures. We can customize the thickness of the shelves too.

Glass Inserts – You can give your old cabinets a new look with glass inserts. You’ll be able to show off your pretty pottery or tableware without having to take them out. This also creates a vintage look.

Glass Countertops – This is a new trend in kitchens. Now, we know what you’re thinking, but these countertops can take a beating. They are heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. They can be translucent, colored, smooth, beveled or texturized. If you don’t want your entire kitchen island to be glass, you can do a raised breakfast bar. Glass countertops are easy to maintain as granite or concrete.

Doorways – If you have a window(s) in your door or next to it, privacy and security are valid concerns. We can install frosted or textured glass. Instead of using sliding doors or French doors to connect to your outdoor space, you can do pivoting doors. They add a modern touch and are fun to use. And, instead of a pantry door, how about a frosted glass door?

Skylights – Nothing beats looking at the stars at night or feeling the sun’s rays through a skylight. We can install them in your bedroom, bathroom or sunroom in various sizes.


Custom Glass Projects

Do you have a custom glass project? We can help! Whether it’s a stained-glass window, a glass mosaic or glass signage for your home or office, we have the experience, tools, and expertise to make your vision a reality. We also do custom mirrors to fit any décor and budget. Contact us today for a free quote!