How to Make a Kitchen Counter Beautiful with Custom Glass Additions

How to Make a Glass Kitchen Counter Beautiful


Once you own your own home, renovations are almost inevitable. Who can resist the urge to make a home less like the previous owners and more suited to your own tastes and needs? The most likely areas to be renovated are the kitchen and bathroom because there are so many small details in these rooms that define the way you live.


The kitchen, in particular, is not only where you cook but also where you will tend to host guests and spend time with family. The plumbing fixtures, the lights, and the cabinets are frequently renovated but one thing that everyone spends a little time thinking about is the countertops. The color, quality, and material of your countertop will shape how your kitchen looks and feels for everyone who spends time there and, ideally, you want it to reflect you and your lifestyle.


Some people choose granite for its sturdiness and temperature durability, others go for marble and resolve to keep the beautiful surface safe from scratches. Some tile the entire counter for ease, and some don’t care what the material is as long as it’s the right color. However, for the homeowner looking to do something new, modern, and stunningly beautiful, why not glass?


Sturdy Modern Glass for a Stunning Countertop

When most people are thinking about replacing their kitchen counter, the idea of using glass simply doesn’t come to mind. This is primarily because people think of glass as fragile, scratchable, and not suited to the rigors of regular cooking. But if that were true, would commercial buildings like stores, bars and restaurants be able to use so much glass in their designs?


Modern glass can be made shatter-proof, scratch-proof, and smudge-resistant without sacrificing visual quality. Glass is also notoriously well suited to high temperatures involved in cooking and, of course, is gorgeous to look at.


Choosing a Glass Countertop Design

So what if you did get a glass countertop for your kitchen? While you can imagine it as a gorgeous shimmering surface to cook on, you may also be wondering what the point is of being able to see your drawers full of silverware through the counter. The key to building a beautiful glass countertop is to have a plan to make it beautiful.


Glass is inherently attractive but it’s what you put behind and around it that truly enhances this beauty. Glass countertop designs have included frosting, lighting, backing the glass in a beautiful shiny pattern underneath, and even running water through it.


Backing Your Glass Countertop

The first trick is to decide what will go under the glass. For something closer to a mirrored effect, you may want a reflective silver color while choosing a swirling enameled backing will create lovely patterns that will be slightly magnified by the glass. Essentially, this is your opportunity to choose the colors and patterns that will appear through any translucency.


Frosting and Tinting

You can decorate your glass countertop with custom-frosted designs, adding swirls, flowers, or mesmerizing abstract patterns. These will give your countertop a greater feeling of depth, an aspect of decor, and possibly accent whatever you used to back the glass. You can also have the glass tinted a gentle color that compliments the rest of your interior decor. This could be a delightful sea green, a rosy pink, or an icy blue depending on how you like to decorate.


If you are trying to create a certain mood for your kitchen through the use of colors, it is important to know what colors can help boost each mood a person normally experiences from color.


Frosting and Lighting

Another interesting option is to create a subtly lit glass countertop that glows and gently illuminates your workspace at the same time. The best way to do this is to completely or mostly frost the glass so that light shining through it is diffused evenly across the surface of the glass. Then use small lights set into your countertop backing which will cause your counters to glow beautifully as both an enormous night light and beautiful low-light decoration.


Follow the Trend

Glass table tops and counters are becoming more and more popular today! Due to the increase in popularity and demand for certain types of glass designs whether it be for your kitchen, office, restaurant, or shower, staying in tune with what the best designs are for each place is important if you want the hottest and most fitting design.



The team at Michael’s Glass knows your kitchen is your favorite room in the house, and that you deserve to have it designed in a way that makes you truly happy. Why settle for the same kitchen everyone else on the block has when you can renovate and redesign your countertop in a way few people have seen before. With a beautifully designed glass countertop, your kitchen will be the envy of the neighborhood. For more great custom glass ideas or to start on your countertop project, contact us today or give us a call at 215-338-3293!