Commercial Glass 101: Trendy New Glass Office Space Opportunities

How Much of Your Trendy New Office Space Can Be Made of Glass?


Whether you’re a startup freshly flushed with VC capital or an old firm looking to completely update your commercial offices, there’s nothing quite like the sleek, clean lines and artistic possibilities of glass. Following the trend of open spaces, transparency, and hip workspaces that we learned from the Silicon Valley tech stars, why doesn’t want an office that makes them feel like they’re halfway between a spaceship and a soap bubble?


While most businesses settle for a few glass walls and perhaps an edgy glass railing for the balcony, with modern glass manufacturing techniques you can have anything from custom sculpted glass furniture to glass catwalks high above the ground floor, all perfectly safe and maybe even beautifully frosted with alluring designs. The only question is how much glass can you really make an office out of? If you wanted to, you could make an almost completely transparent workspace.


Glass Walls

Glass walls are by far the most common form of glass decor in the modern, trendy business. The reason for this is because it’s simple and easy to do in existing buildings. All you have to do is rip out the interior walls and redesign with glass instead. That said, these sweeping clear or frosted walls are a great way to make public areas transparent but sound-private in an elegant setting.


Glass Room Dividers

Glass room dividers are more interesting than glass walls because they can be moved and are often decorative. Glass room dividers are more likely to be frosted with a mesmerizing pattern or waving bamboo stalks and used to section up a lobby or shared office with a touch of class.


Glass Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are one of the few parts of an office that are traditionally glass. Your challenge here will be finding the exact right light fixtures to bring out the best sparkle and shine in your glass walls without blinding employees with accidental reflections of the raw bulbs.


Glass Tables and Desks

Here’s where we start to get strange. If you want a clear-desk environment, you can make frosted glass desks that will make your team members feel like they are working in an aquarium without the water. Just be sure to use frosting for the privacy guard bars. You can also use glass for your shared workspace tables, break rooms, and even the company cafeteria for a true sci-fi effect on both staff and guests.


Clear (Plastic) Chairs

Okay, so mostly people don’t make chairs out of glass. While glass is strong enough to be sat upon if you want a clear but flexible solution, why not try clear plastic chairs? If you have your heart set on glass furniture, try a couch that can sport a few throw pillows for comfort.



What better to go on your glass tables than brilliant clear glassware or even colored glass that will light up like gemstones in the mostly clear and frosted environment. You can even furnish your employees with glass desk accessories like pen cups and paperweights to enhance the interior decor theme.


Glass Sneeze Guards

If you have a buffet in the break room or a company cafeteria, don’t forget that glass can also serve a very utilitarian purpose. Should you have need for a sneeze guard, glass is once again there for you and even your sneeze guards can be beautifully frosted if that’s your style.


Glass Doors

Of course, who can forget about the classic glass door? Glass doors were the first integration of large glass panels into the business environment after the big display windows. But you don’t have to just have your storefront door made of glass. Every door in the office can be clear or frosted glass adding a touch of elegance and airiness to the entire workspace.


Glass Catwalks and Stairs

It can be fun to use glass for a certain amount of flooring as well as for walls, windows, and skylights. The ability to see people walking above and below you is often incredibly intriguing when glass is used for catwalks and stairs. Just be sure that this is public knowledge to all female visitors well in advance.


Glass Sculpture

Once you’ve built your entire office interior out of glass, why stop there? Take some time to examine your options for wall, ceiling, and pedestal decor made of beautiful shining glass. You may also want to consider combining LED lights and frosted glass as they can make beautiful colored effects that will change the entire look and feel of your office in an instant.


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