Check These 5 Interesting Ways to Use Custom Mirrors in Your Home

5 Interesting Ways to Use Custom Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors have been a source of both beauty and function in a home for centuries. They hang in front hallways, take center stage in bathroom decor, and can occasionally be found decorating a bedroom wall. However, when most people think of mirrors in the home, these are the only options that come up. The fact of the matter is that with custom mirrors, something easily is done with modern technology, you can use these beautiful reflective pieces of glass almost anywhere in your home in a variety of decorative and helpful ways. Here are just a few examples to give you some ideas as to what you could do with your custom mirrors.


1) Create a Luxury Dressing Room with a Trifold Mirror

Most modern homes no longer include what most would consider a dressing room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring back all the class, charm, and glamor of previous eras with a little strategic redecorating. Transform a corner of your bedroom, walk-in closet, or spacious master bathroom into the ideal dressing room with a luxurious trifold mirror as you may have seen before in high-end clothing shops. With the ability to see yourself from two new sides, you can dress more precisely and maybe even host a dress-up day now and then if you have children.


2) Decorate with a Dozen Small Custom Mirrors

When most people decorate with mirrors, they choose large wall-sized mirrors or medium-sized and heavily framed mirrors. Of course, with custom mirror design, nothing says you have to stick with the norm. One fun way to mix things up is to hang a variety of small custom mirrors on your walls in decorative frames or as part of a mosaic. Dozens of small mirrors in an artistic spray make a lovely decoration for a living room, entryway, or bedroom.


3) Provide a ‘Quick Check’ Mirror in the Front Hallway

When it comes to floor plans, the area around the front door is the most likely to change from house to house. Some homes are built with airlocks to combat the cold, some with extensive, elegant entryways, and some just lead straight into the living room. It’s always useful to have a mirror near the front door to check your appearance before you leave the house and with custom mirror designs, you can achieve this no matter how your home is designed.


4) Personalize Your Bathroom with a Perfectly Fitted Mirror

Almost all bathrooms have mirrors but, the size, height, design, and even the shape vary drastically from home to home. Traditional bathroom mirrors are either plain framed rectangles or ovals in decorative frames, but you can do this any way you want. You can have a frameless mirror that flows smoothly from the ceiling to the countertop, a mirror in an unusual shape with a custom frame, or you can even mirror your bathroom cabinet doors.


5) Create Optical Illusions With Decorative Mirrors

When considering mirrors for the home, almost everyone forgets their potential for illusion as well as personal care and lighting enhancement. Mirrors are great for creating optical dreams if you’re particularly talented at the interior decor. Placed on walls, mirrors can make it look like rooms are twice as large, while mirrors placed inside or next to bookshelves can create the appearance of more and more profound shelves of books. Mirrors can be positioned to mimic doorways and windows as well, building a genuinely charming home to live in when used correctly.

If you use your new custom mirror in the right way, it will completely change the way you see your home.


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