5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Home with Specialty Glass Options

5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Home with Specialty Glass

When looking to create an elegant home that is simultaneously impressive and welcoming, there are always a few aspects that show up again and again. Dark, warm woods for floors, doors, and accents, polished brass fixtures to add that touch of anachronistic warmth, and beautiful but understated uses of marble are all things you’d expect to find in a high-value home. There is one thing, though, that adds a touch of class and beauty to almost any design, no matter how old-fashioned or modern: frosted glass.

In a heavy wood or metal frame, frosted glass can appear centuries old, adding modern strength and energy efficiency to an antique design. Hung frameless, it becomes a trendy yet elegant way to accent and decorate both large and small spaces in a way that doesn’t make a room seem cramped.

The best part about decorating with frosted glass is that with modern techniques, you can customize the shape and frosted design to anything you want. Most people prefer simple geometrics, flora, or ornate swirls patterned into the frosted glass but with custom glass, you don’t have to choose something pre-designed. If you can draw it or bring in a picture of it, you can have it made into a frosted glass design. If you want a few ideas to start with, we have five great suggestions just waiting to be tried.



1) Replace Your Cabinet Doors

One of the most distinct things about any kitchen or bathroom is the cabinets. Primarily the wood grain, color, and the design of the doors make the biggest impression. Many people resolve to restain or repaint their cabinets as a way of making a change, others change the knobs and handles, but you can completely reinvent the way your cabinetry works with beautiful tempered frosted glass. You can inset frosted glass into ornate door frames for an elegant, old-fashioned look or go for sliding frameless glass doors for a more chic look. The patterns you add will only enhance the beauty of your new cabinet doors.



2) Decorative Front Door Inserts

One of the loveliest things you can do with a sturdy front door and the windows surrounding is to inset beautifully patterned frosted glass. Floral designs are the most popular for this purpose and are often used to emulate the style of the 1800s mansions when done with wood as the primary material while large frosted glass panels with a central or custom mirrored design have more of a trendy modern business feel to them. You can even emblazon your family crest in a frosted pattern on your door or double-doors.



3) Elegant Room Dividers

Large spacious living areas have become incredibly popular in the last few years for new homes and home renovations, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still want to segment up the space with attractive dividers. Some people use couches and bookshelves to divide rooms, others put up painted folding screens, but you can do something truly delightful and unique. With frosted glass panels, you can leave a room feeling spacious and open while still separating out spaces and even creating areas of privacy with a combination of strategic and artistic frosting design.



4) Detailed Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are quite popular, and even if you don’t already have one in your home, you could easily replace the tub/shower with a spacious glass shower enclosure. Whether you want simple, ornate stylings, an enchanting aquatic scene, or a spray of floral blooms and leaves, you can have it frosted across your shower enclosure glass. This is a great way to opportunistically decorate your bathroom, as well as creating both allure and privacy with strategically placed frosting.

There are a few different types of shower enclosures that can fit your home perfectly in its own unique way!  



5) Sliding Frosted Closet Doors

For our final suggestion, let us ask, have you ever thought of doing something fun with your closet doors? Closets don’t have to be archways or blocked by solid interior doors. You can have gorgeous sliding frosted glass doors on a wide shallow hallway or a timeless hinged door for walk-in closets. This is not only lovely, but it also provides more light to the closet and will make it easier to find hiding children and pets.



Modern glass is incredibly strong and reliable, allowing you to use decoration techniques that were once reserved for only the most delicate and expensive constructions. With Michael’s Glass, a custom frosted glass for any project and in any design you want is only a short wait away in any scenario. For more ideas or advice on how to use frosted glass in your home, contact us or call 215-338-3293 today!