Six Unique and Interesting Ideas for Your Glass Shower Enclosure

6 Unique Ideas for Your Glass Shower Enclosure

One of the most exciting aspects of being a homeowner is the freedom to renovate. Whether you hate the old bathroom design that came with your home or are just looking to try something new, you have the opportunity not just to improve the bathroom but transform it into something luxurious and uniquely “you”.


If you tell friends and family you’re renovating the bathroom, most will expect to see a few small changes like wall color, cabinet style, and perhaps a new mirror. However, if you have something bigger in mind, like a beautiful new glass-enclosed shower, why not surprise and amaze everyone with something truly unique. Not sure where to start? We’ve got more than a few fun ideas to suggest and share.


1) Private Indoor Garden

It may be strange to realize but the features of a cozy bathroom and that of an indoor garden are about the same. Heat lamps, glass walls, and access to water are all you need to a lovely array of potted and basket-hanging plants. If you have a green thumb and love to decorate with living plants, this could be the perfect shower innovation providing an arboreal backdrop to your entire bathroom. While everyone’s bathroom design is different, here’s how you might do it:

  • Designate two feet of space between the wall and the back of the shower enclosure.
  • Install an extra sliding glass door, allowing you to access the plants.
  • Use a flexible hose shower head so you can water the plants while showering.


2) Heat Reactive Tiles

Looking for something that is both bizarre and beautiful at the same time? Consider tiling the floor and back wall of your glass shower enclosure with heat reactive tiles. These seemingly magical tiles are a cool elegant black most of the time but when they are touched by warm water or your body, they light up in bright greens, blues, and reds. This can provide you with a decorative mosaic of color every time you shower and is sure to delight you and any guests who may have the opportunity to use your shower.


3) Two Kinds of Aquarium

A glass shower enclosure is the closest thing to a human aquarium this side of a glass-sided swimming pool. If you love the look and feel of water on glass and are particularly fond of fish, an aquarium is a fascinating way to enhance your glass shower enclosure.


Building an aquarium behind your shower enclosure means that it can remain delightfully visible to the entire bathroom through the clear glass and is a special addition to your shower time that you can guarantee none of your neighbors have at home. If you’re already an avid aquarist, this can be a wonderful addition to your collection or a new location for your private aquarium.


4) The Personal Sauna

Of course, who said your glass shower enclosure has to be purely for showering. For many people, the benefits of a hot shower are as much the steam as anything else. Warm steam is wonderful for the your respiratory system and the hot moist environment is great for your skin, muscles, and joints. This is why people in the north most parts of the world believe strongly in saunas and you can build your own with a glass shower enclosure to trap the steam.


All you have to do is make the enclosure larger than you would need for just the shower head and build yourself a comfortable bench or two inside. You can either use the shower itself or a traditional brazier of hot rocks depending on your preference.


5) Multi-Compartment Shower

Our final idea may be fun for a couple’s master bathroom, the ability to take two shared or separate showers depending on what you’re up to. When you’re building a glass enclosure, why not get a little creative?


If you like the idea of having two showers for dual overhead morning routines with you and your partner, consider installing two shower heads inside your glass enclosure with a sliding glass door in between. That way, you can open it for spacious single showers or big projects like washing the dog and close it for simultaneous hygiene rituals.



If you’re willing to think outside the traditional glass box and get creative, there’s almost no limit to the wonderful things you can do with a glass shower enclosure. You can have curves and angles, plants and fish, even unique glass sculpture built into your shower if that would please you. Remember, it’s your house, make it reflect your vivid, creative personality from the wall colors to the shower glass. For more information about what you can do with glass shower enclosures or to get a consultation on your bathroom specifically, contact us, Michael’s Glass today! Or call 215-338-3293 today!