Glass Shower Enclosures: Exquisite Update Ideas for Your Bath

Glass Shower Enclosures: Exquisite Updates for Your Bath


If you’re looking for a way to bring openness, sophistication, and sparkle to your bathroom, add a glass shower enclosure. Glass showers enclosures are a simple yet elegant update to fit any bath.


What are the advantages of moving to a glass enclosure?

Let’s face it. A shower curtain not only blocks out the natural light and boxes you in, it sometimes becomes too friendly. Ever had a shower curtain suction to your body?


It’s not pleasant. Not only do shower curtains require frequent cleaning to stay mold-free, but they look dated as well. With a custom glass shower enclosure, you enjoy the ambiance of space and light and are freed from the confines a shower curtain creates.


What are the options for glass shower enclosures?

If your existing bath is accessorized with chrome, bronze, or more, you’ll be glad to know that your fixtures are easily matched with glass frames. Matching trim is available in polished, brushed, and antiqued nickel, chrome, brass, and more.


Frameless options are also available, which offer clean lines and a modern, sophisticated feel. Whether you are interested in frameless, semi-frameless, or sliding glass doors, the options are many.


Our bath is small, and space is limited. Will a glass enclosure work for us?

No worries! No matter your space, your bath is easily upfitted. In fact, if you have a small space, you’ll be amazed how glass shower doors open up your space.


Not only will you enjoy the look of “instant upscale,” but you’ll enjoy the visual openness as well. Heavy-duty sliding glass doors are one option that will instantly upgrade your space and can be custom made to fit any dimension.


Our bath is large. Will adding glass doors make it appear too large?

Though it seems the opposite, adding a glass enclosure to your shower only accentuates the positives you already have. Additionally, if your shower has tile or other detailing, glass doors allow you to showcase those special features. Why block fine detailing with curtains or walls, when you can showcase your space with the clarity of glass?


What about cleaning and upkeep?

Taking care of a glass shower enclosure is much simpler than upkeep on a traditional shower, especially if you’re used to a shower curtain. Shower curtains encourage mold and mildew growth by blocking natural light. Conversely, glass shower enclosures are easily cleaned with a simple wipe-down with a soft towel, and help inhibit mold and mildew because air and light better circulate.


Is a glass enclosure safe?

When you’re talking about traditional glass, it’s easy to think of it shattering. Today’s shower enclosures, however, are heavy duty, tempered, and impact-resistant.


Whether your shower doors are framed, or frameless, excellent quality tempered glass ensures you have both safety and functionality you’ll enjoy. Heavy duty glass fixtures also have rounded edges for a sleek look and excellent performance.


How do we decide what is best for our space?

A bath remodel is one of the best investments you can make in your home, substantially increasing its value. Knowing what works best for both your budget and your tastes can be tricky. That is why you want to seek professionals with years of experience to help you choose the best options.


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