5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Service


It’s cold, and your window gets damaged. No car driver wants to be in that situation, regardless of whether the damage belongs to your front windshield or passenger window.


But how do you know what to do next? When is the perfect time to work with a professional repair service, and when can you let it go until it gets warmer?


These are important questions to ask, and the answers are not always simple. Keep reading to learn how you can make the right decision in every situation, making sure you get prompt service without wasting money in the process. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself:


Where is the Damage?

First things first: you need to know where exactly the damage is, and how that could affect your decision on potentially working with professionals. Look for immediate replacement if one of the following scenarios is true:

  • The damage is on your windshield
  • The damage is on one of your side mirrors
  • The damage is near the corner or edge of the window.

The first two scenarios mean that you cannot drive as well as you would otherwise. The third means that the chip, pit, or crack in your car window could actually compromise its stability, and lead to further problems down the road.



How Large is the Damage?

Naturally, the size of the damage in your auto window is also an important consideration. This is also a question that can determine whether you can simply repair it, or need to opt for the more comprehensive (and expensive) replacement.


For damage up to the size of a dollar bill, repair is typically possible. For anything larger, you might want to opt for a replacement instead. Combine the size of the damage with its location, and you get a better idea of whether immediate replacement is necessary.


Does the Damage Affect Your Driving?

In many ways, this is the biggest and most significant question to answer. If it does, opt for immediate replacement. For instance, and as mentioned above, damage to your windshield on the driver’s side as well as damage on your side mirrors will inhibit your field of vision and make you less safe on the road.


Here, it’s important to note that the more affected your driving is, the more immediate the replacement should be. Simply put, and especially as the roads in the tri-state area get icier, you don’t want to wait a day longer than necessary with less-than-ideal driving conditions.


Will Your Insurance Cover the Damage?

If the need for auto glass replacement is not immediate, you might want to ask yourself this question. If your car insurance covers the damage (and most do), replacement may still be an option.


The key here is not waiting until the actual repair to find out. By the time you engage a professional, you should already know the answer. Doing so also helps you with the next step, finding an auto glass repair service that works well with your insurance.


Can You Find a Reliable Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Service?

Finally, it makes sense to narrow your search (and even make your repair or replacement decision) based on the professionals you work with. The right service can help you not just take care of the problem, but also offer care tips and best practices that keep your auto glass safe in the future. Avoid scams, and make sure to only work with contractors who are approved by your insurance. You need to find a service that can provide reliable, and credible advice.


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