5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Conduct Windshield Repair Yourself

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Conduct Windshield Repair Yourself


You are driving home back from office, and suddenly something falls on the windshield of your speeding car, causing a feeble crack in the windshield. No matter how depressing the situation is when you get a crack on your windshield, it is imperative that you get it filled and repaired without delay to prevent the crack from growing larger or getting in trouble for having a cracked windshield as it is required by the NHSTA.


Not taking care of the issue right away can result in you needing a whole replacement compared to just a repair. Getting the cracked windshield looked at sooner rather than later can help give you the choice of seeing what is the better option, instead of just having to replace it because it was too late.


Because, once it grows, the structural integrity of the windshield will move out of place, compelling you to spend thousands on its repair. Now, when it comes to repairing the windshield, many people attempt to do it themselves by using a DIY kit, but if you value your investment, it is advisable not to try repairing windshields yourself.


Repairing a windshield involves technical knowledge and expertise that most people do not have. Further, attempting to repair the windshield yourself can make the situation worse in many other ways.


Risks of Attempting to Repair Windshield Yourself:


In case you are not quite convinced of the proposition, here is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t repair your car windshield yourself:


  • You Get Only One Chance – Well, windshield repairing is such an intricately technical task that if you mess up the one chance of fixing it properly, you can never go back and try the process again.

    You can neither remove the film nor the resin or filler that you once used for repairing. So, if you are doing it the first time, the chances are that you may make a slight mistake, which can turn out to be fatal enough to call for a replacement of the entire windshield. In fact, your intention of saving a few bucks might compel you to incur the windshield replacement cost, which is certainly higher than repairing costs.


Since you have one chance, choosing the right auto repair shop is so vital!


  • Lack of Proper Equipment – Any repair work requires you to have the right set of equipment. Now, when it comes to windshield repair work, you may find some DIY repairing kits available out there. However, the quality of the resins and fillers in such kits are always questionable, meaning that the repair, even if once done, may not last long.

    In fact, the crack might just remain without being properly filled and get enlarged over the time, leading to more severe damage to your windshield. Unlike the professional auto glass manufacturing and installation companies, the DIY kits have no guarantee, and their results are, therefore, not to be trusted.


  • The Absence of Proper Examination of the Crack – What might appear to be just a little crack on your windshield could actually lead to more severe damage like a star break, combination crack or bull’s eye. It is only the auto glass repair professionals who understand the minute aspects of a windshield crack and examine it properly to ensure that it is just a crack and nothing more. Without proper analysis, repairing the windshield yourself means that the actual damage stays and shows up only a few days later.


  • Loss of Time – What takes the professional windshield repairman to do in 2 hours might take too long for you to accomplish without any technical knowledge, expertise or prior experience. Since you cannot keep your car locked up in the garage for long; it is advisable to value time and take your car to a professional, who can fill up the crack in no time. Unlike many other things, windshield repair takes more time than saving a bit of it when you try to do it yourself.


  • No Insurance Coverage for a DIY Repair – The Do-It-Yourself kit for windshield repair doesn’t come with insurance coverage. So, in case you are unable to repair it properly or end up creating more mess, the cost will be much more than what you were trying to save in the first place.

    The auto companies, on the other hand, offer their services at discounted rates and often get your costs covered by insurance. The DIY kits might appear to be cheap, but they will fail to save you from recurrent costs on your car windshield.


So, hiring a professional is a much-preferred option with regards to windshield replacement or repair because doing it yourself can be a tedious and expensive process without any positive results whatsoever.


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