Why You Should Upgrade to Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Why You Should Upgrade to Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Are you looking to upgrade or remodel your bathroom soon? Majority of the people don’t want to take the pain of exclusive renovation plans due to the shortage of time and budget constraint in some cases.

While your interior designer may suggest various options for your shower; a glass shower enclosures are the latest trend and are very classy and popular. The glass shower doors not only give a modern look to your bathroom, but they also come at a range of prices that are affordable for everyone. Listed below are the reasons why you should upgrade your bathroom to frameless glass shower enclosures


Classy Appearance

While glass shower doors look elegant, they give an overall makeover to your bathroom by changing the look and feel of your old bathroom. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom,  fixing specialty glass shower doors will enhance the look of your bathroom. This will add value to your bathroom as well as your house and will help you fetch a higher price when you plan to sell it.


Specialty glass

One of the biggest advantages of glass shower door is that it is specialty glass and customizable. You can select the sizes and dimensions that fit your bathroom space. You can also choose the design, print, and type of glass and also thickness as per your preferences.


Open and Bright

The glass doors of your bathroom would allow light without blocking or dimming it. Due to this, your bathroom would look more spacious, open and much brighter. Transparent glass naturally gives the illusion of bigger space than the actual size.

If your bathroom has decorative fixtures with beautiful tiles or marble flooring, glass shower enclosures can enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom.


Main points of attraction of Frameless Doors

Frameless shower enclosures are a fashion statement and look way better than all the other types of shower doors. It is extremely sturdy and looks remarkably delicate and modern.

Unlike shower curtains, frameless glass doors allow maximum light to enter brightening up your bathroom and mood.


Low Maintenance

You would certainly prefer doors which are easier to maintain. While metal frames are prone to mold, rust or corrosion, the glass doors can easily be kept clean and rust-free. Also, since not many people prefer spending all of their free time on the weekends cleaning dirt out of their shower, glass shower doors simplify your bathroom cleaning.


Washroom Design Ideas

The washroom design ideas are abundant today, and you certainly want to pick the best one which is also affordable and the most useful according to your bathroom space. Frameless glass doors come handy. Glasses in various shapes can help you achieve a classy, useful, low maintenance yet a magnificent space.



If you are concerned about the environment, you must certainly opt for the glass shower doors. Since shower curtains are made of vinyl or plastic, they often reach the garbage adding to the landfills. However, your old glass doors can always be recycled when you consider changing the glass of your shower door.

These glass doors are manufactured out of superior quality materials making them last longer. They are also climate resistant and maintenance free. You can get your glass shower enclosures pre-manufactured according to your specifications.


Various types of Frameless Shower Doors

There are various choices available in shower doors ranging from the simple drape to the glass and wooden assortments. The most notable amongst the entire range today is certainly the frameless glass shower.

While the glass doors are fashionable these would also fit your budget. You won’t have to worry as glass doors are sturdy and quality glass doors look elegant when they are supported by hard metal pivots.

The frameless glass doors are constructed of tempered glass which makes these highly durable and safe to use. Even if the glass breaks, it won’t  spill everywhere.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom with impressive designs at an affordable price, consider the latest glass shower doors and give your bathroom the modern appeal. There are innumerable designs to choose from, and there are enough to appeal to every aesthetic.



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