Popular Options and Ideas For Your Next Custom Mirror Project!

Popular Options and Ideas for Your Next Custom Mirror Project

Mirrors have come a long way from being just an object to see yourself into becoming an integral piece of décor in every house. Mirrors have always put a touch of class in home interiors. According to Feng Shui, mirrors can also bring you good luck and health if placed appropriately.


A well-placed mirror can also bring a more aesthetic appeal to a room by making the most of the natural light, enhancing the view and opening up a small room by making it look larger than it is.


There are three types of mirrors that are commonly used for home décor :

  1. Plane Mirror – The most common type of mirrors used in most homes, these flat mirrors reflect images in their normal proportions revered from left to right. 
  2. Concave Mirror – These kind of magnifying mirrors are spherical in shape and curve inwards. Their view is enlarged and is used mostly in bathrooms. 
  3. Convex mirrors – These spherical mirrors bulge out and distort the image making it look smaller.


While standard mirrors are easily available at any store, customizing your mirror according to a specific style will help to reflect your home’s current décor. Here are some popular options to help you create your next custom mirror project.


Wall Mirror

Although hallway mirrors are a great way to use mirrors to decorate your house, why not go bigger and get a wall mirror instead? An entire wall that is mirrored can give your house that unique and modern spin that you were looking for. You can open up any tiny hallway and make it look twice as large because the reflection will make it appear much bigger.

Wall mirrors come in a great variety. It can be hung or wall-mounted as per the weight and size of the mirror. Framed mirrors can be a bonus. A nice framework can add a touch of class and artistry. While buying frameless mirrors, it is important to check the quality of mirror clips that hold the mirrors against the wall. This can also be a great option for dancers to put in their studio or as gym mirrors.


Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors do exactly that – make a statement. These conversation starters are decorative mirrors that are used to add more panache to a room. Placed above the mantle or dining room table or the headboard, these specialty glass mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.

You can go as wild as you want with these kinds of mirrors by trying different accent frames or shapes like circles, triangles, diamonds or ovals.

Antique mirrors are one of the best kinds of statement mirrors. They are generally heavy with intricate designs and carvings that give it an elegant and royal look. Statement mirrors are a great way to fill up an empty wall space without having to depend on an expensive painting or artwork.


Floor mirrors

These large mirrors are generally not mounted or hung from the wall but very elegantly place against the wall on the floor. It gives a trendy feel to the room while brightening it up at the same time. A floor mirror with a wooden frame can bring about a rustic feel to the décor.


Dresser mirrors

Dresser mirrors are commonly used in every household. Apart from helping you get dressed every day, it reflects natural light into the room making it a more bright and positive space. Generally, the mirror is attached to the vanity table, but it can also be mounted on the wall as a long dressing mirror.


Full-length mirror

Full-length mirrors are the perfect option for someone who loves dressing up. Mounted on the wall as a permanent fixture, some full-length mirrors go all the way from the ceiling to the floor creating a snazzy look.  You can either choose to frame it in thin, elegant frames or thick wooden or wrought iron frames. Frameless full-length mirrors are also a popular choice.


Mirror/glass tabletops

Mirrored table tops can make a huge impact. By covering the table with a mirror panel can add a touch of drama and mystery to your house. Highlight your end tables, coffee tables and others with a custom mirror top.


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