Liven Up Your Bathroom With These Custom Mirror Design Options

Liven Up Your Bathroom With These Custom Mirror Design Options

You can’t avoid looking at several things while looking in a mirror. A mirror shows the reflection of various things and often deviates people from focusing on the mirror itself. However, a good mirror is important to your room, especially bathroom.


While there are various mirrors available in the market, selecting a mirror of accurate size, shape and style are very important as it may either enhance or diminish the overall look of your room. This guide would help you decide on popular bathroom mirror options:


Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

If you have trouble in deciding the size of your mirror, you can go with mirrors that fill the entire wall of your bathroom. This design would give you a bigger mirror, as well as it would give you a feeling of having bigger and spacious bathroom. You may want to run the mirror exactly wall-to-wall and up to the ceiling or expand it from one wall to another.


Size of your mirror

While selecting the size of your bathroom mirror, you must consider both function and proportion. The best would be to keep the mirror equal to the vanity size so that the both mesh well together.

In regards to height, a custom mirror must reach approximately a foot below and above the eye level of the people using it. However, keeping the height in between 4 to 7 feet above the floor will be a better idea as it will give you extended viewing angles.


Round Mirrors

Round mirrors must be avoided at the corners and must be paired with pedestal sinks, which often have curved or rounded lines themselves.

Round mirrors are also considered as a great option if you have an attractive wall finish to show off. While it gives enough mirrors to see one’s face, round mirrors also leave a little more wall exposed. The curved lines in such situation will acquire the natural shapes in a floral or leafy print.


Multiple vs. Single

For wide vanity, specifically one which has multiple sinks, you may either use multiple mirrors aligned together. A single mirror may also work if it’s wide enough to serve the purpose.

Alternatively, you may place a center mirror right above the sink and then add a second mirror proportioned to the first. This combination would give a very pleasant look to your bathroom.


Framed vs. Frameless

Frameless mirrors are the latest choice for the majority of people today. Not only does it give your bathroom a classy look, it is also very cost-effective. Frameless mirrors mostly fit in the contemporary bathroom with modest spaces. Mirrors with intricate frames or designer border mostly suit traditional places provided other elements at such places are also detailed and decorative.

The best option is to maintain a decent balance and choose a mirror with a plain frame which is only a few inches wide and without detailed pattern or design.


Space for Sconces

Some people prefer smaller mirrors in the bathroom for allowing some room for sconces to adjust in between. Though vanity light can be placed in various places, however positioning it beside the mirror would light your face well and it is both stunning and functional.


Inset Mirrors

Some people prefer to use inset mirror in the bathroom. This is the latest form of giving a modern appeal to your frameless mirror by adjusting the mirror into tiles which works as the border of the mirrors. You may also layer the mirror with floating shelves to give higher modern flamboyance with some useful storage.


Suspended Mirrors

If the look and layout of your bathroom are bizarre with windows or obstacles placed inconveniently, there is no hard and fast rule to hang the mirror flat on the wall. You may choose to suspend a mirror from the window frame or ceiling or may get it mounted on rails.

This would allow you to locate the mirror in an innovative and functional spot. While you may select the mirror according to your preference, you must always leave the room to detach the mirror during bathroom renovation or repair. Choose a custom mirror that solves all your purposes.


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