Superior Service and Installation for all of Your Auto Glass Needs

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Superior Service and Installation for All of Your Auto Glass Needs

Do you have a windshield chip or crack that needs repair? How about a side window or mirror in need of attention? Here’s what you need to know to save money, time, and frustration.


If Treated Early, Repairs Are Less Costly

It’s tempting to ignore a window or windshield chip or crack, especially if it’s not in your direct line of view; however, these “window blemishes” are indicators of not only a one-time glass injury, but the probable overall weakening of the glass. Sometimes driving over a bump in the road, or sudden changes in temperature, or even just a hard rainfall, can cause a small chip or crack to morph into a full-fledged glass break. Giving Michael’s Glass Company a call when you first notice an issue can save not only save you time, but can often save you money as well.


What Size Chips and Cracks Are Repairable?

Take a dollar bill and hold it up to the size of your windshield crack. If you don’t have a dollar, a five, ten, or even twenty will do. We’re talking size here, not necessarily denomination. This part isn’t about budget, but determining your repair area.

Generally, if the damaged area is not in your direct line of view out of your windshield, and is not larger than the size of the bill, the glass is repairable. Through our advanced techniques, we use top-of-the-line equipment to repair the area, and often in less than thirty minutes. If you’ve never seen the process at work before, your amazement is ensured. You are welcome to watch as we repair your auto glass at one of our many convenient locations in the tri-state area, or as we repair your vehicle at the location of your choice. Yes, we are happy to come to you!


What if I Need Full Replacement?

Again, no worries! Our family-owned company has over thirty years of experience in every kind of repair. We buy only top-quality materials, are accepted and do business with every major insurance agency, and guarantee your satisfaction. Since we have years of expertise, most repairs are completed in thirty minutes or less, and our highly trained technicians complete your work wherever it’s most convenient for you. Our clients are always pleased with both the end product and the ease of working with us. Even if you are at work, we will come to your place of business and repair your glass while you’re fulfilling your own busy schedule and work demands. Making your life easier is part of the reason our company is one of the top glass repair and replacement businesses in the area.


What About Costs?

Since we give excellent service and are top-rated in customer satisfaction, every major insurance company works with us. But even if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, we work hard to keep our rates fair, and our family business ethics remain second to none.

Repairing your windshield, side mirrors, or side windows is your most cost-effective option, and we will absolutely go that route if you wish. Rest assured, though, that if you need a replacement, our highly skilled technicians, using the best replacement glass available, will complete your job cost-effectively and well. As a family-owned business, we understand and appreciate skilled work, dovetailed with budgetary needs.


I Need a Repair or Replacement! What Should I Do Now?

At Michael’s Glass Company, we work hard to ensure you don’t have to. Having your window or windshield or mirror repaired or replaced is worry-free. Just contact us, at (215) 338-3293 and we’ll delight you with our superior work and service. Don’t you wish every life issue was this easy to fix?