How to Make Your Custom Mirrors Reflect Your Own Personality

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How to Make Your Custom Mirrors Reflect Your Own Personality

To dramatically change the look and feel of a room, just add a custom mirror. Any mirror aesthetically enlarges the feel of a room, but the right mirror, with beveled edges, an attractive, decor-enhancing frame, and clean lines, provides an instant “wow” factor. At Michael’s Glass Company, custom mirrors are one of our many specialties.


What are the Advantages of Custom Mirrors?

No matter the size or shape of your room, with custom mirror installation, we can design whatever you need. Have an odd angle in your space? Our experts have over thirty years of experience in designing, creating, and installing a mirror custom-made for your space. Mass-market mirrors not only have size limitations, but often lack the clarity and distortion-free reflection that helps your space shine. By working with our seasoned experts, we can help you not only choose the perfect size, but frames and bevels that work best for you as well.


What Does a Mirror Offer Your Space?

No matter the size of your room, a custom mirror, installed at the right height and in the perfect location, can visually open your room. Small rooms can visually double in size with a mirror strategically hung, allowing the eye to absorb not just the space, but the doubling of space provided by a highly reflective, welcoming mirror. Our custom installers work with you to choose not just mirror size, but mirror placement. For example, a custom mirror installed on an interior wall can catch the reflection of sky and trees outside, aesthetically opening your space so that the outdoors is brought inside. Your room opens, and the natural view is enlarged.


Mirrors are Mirrors, Right?

The difference between a mass-market mirror and a custom mirror is like the difference between generic food and a gourmet meal. While you’ll garner a reflection with any mirror, distortions and warping found in cheaply-made mirrors focus your view on imperfections, and create a sense of not only imbalance, but visual discomfort. Conversely, custom mirrors have crisp, clean lines, beveled edges if you choose, and spot-on reflections that not only reflect what you see, but also make the image extra clear as well, with depth, clarity, color, and crispness. Looking into a custom mirror, you not only visually relax, but you are drawn into the image as well.


What are the Options?

So you have the space, and you think you would like a mirror in that space. How do you decide? At Michael’s Glass Company, we have successfully worked with customers just like you in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for over thirty years, and know how to listen. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your vision, and will share our many years of expertise. How thick of a frame would you like? Are beveled edges important for your space? Why or why not? How do you choose a frame shape and color–or should you go without a frame for a more modern look? We work with you to suss out all the options. Our ultimate goal is helping you choose the perfect product and look for your space.


Why Trust Us?

We are a family-owned, family-operated business. Our name is our bond, and the reason our business continues to grow and succeed is that we have over thirty years of satisfied customers. At Michael’s Glass Company, we provide not only custom mirrors, but frameless shower doors, shower door enclosures, shower door sweeps, insulated glass units, glass table tops, custom wall and framed mirrors, and auto glass repair as well. Each product we provide is top-notch and sealed with family pride.

You want to add beauty to your home, and we want to help you do so. Custom mirrors are our specialty. Let us work with you to create a space that reflects well on you. To increase your home’s appeal as well as its value, contact us or give us a call at (215) 608-2488, and we’ll see you through your next project!