5 Things To Consider When Choosing Glass Shower Enclosures

5 Considerations When Choosing a Glass Shower Enclosure


When installed correctly, glass shower enclosures can have a stunning effect on your bathroom. They turn the necessary evil of a shower curtain into a real showpiece, while at the same time offering you increased safety and convenience through lower chances of leaking water.

Of course, these benefits can only be true if you find a shower enclosure that actually works well for your individual needs. The customizability of this option is a great advantage, but can also lead to the agony of not knowing what to choose.


To help you make sure that you make the most out of this bathroom design and renovation option, here are five considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right glass shower enclosure for your needs.


  1. The Size of Your Bathroom

To be sure, this feature works with every size of a bathroom. Still, that exact size will influence the type of product you actually choose. Not necessarily because of increased function, but because of crucial design elements.


In a small bathroom, an oversized, ornate enclosure may actually feel cramped. On the other hand, the same variety makes for a perfect option in larger spaces. You also want to be sure that you measure the size of your actual shower to prevent leakage and other future problems.


  1. Your Bathroom’s Function

Another important consideration is the question of who will actually use the bathroom on an everyday basis. You might not think about this as important, but it can be once you consider the difference between clear and tempered glass.


A family bathroom may be best with tempered glass, which gives you the benefits of the enclosure while still providing privacy in any situation. At the same time, clear glass is perfect for a master’s retreat, increasing the sense of depth in the room and giving it a more elegant feel.


  1. Your Personal Style

Naturally, your personal style and preferences need to play into the question of which glass shower enclosure makes the most sense for you. One of the biggest advantages of this type of renovation is its customizability, but that also means you need to know which option actually makes sense for you.


To you like framed or frameless enclosures? Classic elegant curves, or modern clean lines? Clear, tempered, or patterned glass? What about sliding doors? Your options are almost limitless, meaning you can get your dream shower – if you know what you’re looking for.


  1. Your Budget

Many are probably wondering, how much will a glass shower enclosure for our bathroom cost? Of course, your budget also matters in this type of bathroom renovation project. Varying brands and styles can come with different price points, which are important to consider. If all costs are considered, the materials alone can range between $500 and $2,000.


It can be an affordable renovation, but only if you know what to choose and how that fits within your budget. Your best choice may be to get a free installation quote, which will not only result in quality advice on how to move forward but also a better idea of how far your budget can go.


  1. The Right Installation Professionals

Finally, you absolutely need to find the right professionals to help you install this shower. Mediocre work can be devastating here, causing anything from wet floors to lasting water damage. Either way, the costs will increase drastically, and your return on investment will dwindle. We recommend looking for professionals who are associated with the National Glass Association.


Fortunately, this type of problem is easy to avoid by finding professionals who can do reliable, quality work for a fair budget. Research your options, read reviews, and get a quote to get started. And when the time comes, we’d love to work with you. Contact Michael’s Glass Company online or call us at 215-338-3293 to explain your project and let us guide you in the right direction for the perfect glass shower enclosure.