Commercial Glass Needs? Professional Installation is the Clear Choice

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Commercial Glass Needs? Professional Installation is the Clear Choice


You have a vision for your business. From your entry doors to your shop’s interior details, customers get a feel for who you are as a company and decide whether your company’s vision is a match for them–or not. By choosing glass and plexiglass entryways, windows, table tops, and custom railings, you ensure your customers leave with the impression that you care about details and a vision for delivering excellence.

Your Storefront


What is the first thing your customer notices as he or she enters your business? If the cloudy or broken glass is evident, your customer can’t help but link the deteriorating or unattractive conditions to your business practices. Conversely, a shining storefront with custom glass front doors and windows that shine reflect well on who you are and what you have to offer. Michael’s custom installers can efficiently and expertly design and install custom aluminum storefront materials to your new or existing building. Our installations meet all safety codes, and you can choose from a variety of options: annealed, tempered, laminated, or insulated glass–even bullet resistant!


Why Do Materials Matter?


The glass is, of course, breakable. But professionally created glass for table tops, cabinet doors, and other low-traffic areas is carefully crafted with the annealing process to keep your glass from cracking easily. Our glass manufacturers ensure that when the glass is made, it is given proper time to cool, which gives it greater strength and allows it to endure temperature changes. Didn’t know about the importance of annealing? That’s another reason to look for a professional installer. Glass is our business, and we insist on using only top-tier materials to protect your investment.


We offer free on-site estimates, and when we meet with you, we discuss other options as well. High-traffic areas like your entryway may require tempered glass, which is incredibly strong but is designed for safety. Tempered glass is made to shatter into tiny particles, helping you avoid the danger of large shards of glass. At Michael’s Glass Company, we know the intricacies of safety codes and work with you to ensure you’re using the right glass in the right location, both for aesthetics and functionality.


Plexiglass is another option we offer. At about half the weight of glass, plexiglass is less likely to reflect the sun’s glare, will not shatter, can bend for a variety of shapes and purposes, and is an extremely safe option for high-traffic areas or areas where children play. In an area where you want to divide a room but still allow your customers to see through to the other side, plexiglass offers a see-through barrier that keeps your rooms feel spacious and open.


Insulated glass is vital in areas where you want to keep heat or air from escaping your building. If you have older windows, there is a good chance you are allowing profits to escape through the panes, and savings from installing insulated glass can offset your updated window investment. We offer double and even triple pane options, and again, work with you to help you choose your best options. Our family of professional glass installers has over thirty years of experience in design and installation, and our business continues to thrive because we truly put you, the customer, first.


How Do You Choose?


Unsure which materials are right for you? At Michael’s, our professionals work with you to help you choose the best options for your space. We work in tandem with you to choose and design custom sneeze guards, custom railings, entryways, doors, windows, mirrors, shower enclosures, shower doors, and much more. We are family owned and operated, and serve both commercial and residential customers.


Like our glass, it’s clear to see: Michael’s Glass Company is your go-to for professional installation projects. Please contact us or give us a call at 215-338-3293 to learn more, or have us give you a free on-site estimate.