Commercial Glass: How to Find the Perfect Type for Your Business

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Not all commercial glass companies perform equally. When it comes to storefronts with enviable glass frontage that seems to stretch for miles, it’s important to know what types of glass will set you apart from your competitors.




A business needs to partner with a glass company that understands the impact a glass storefront has on driving a thriving business. Here are the top 3 glass frontage concerns an exceptional commercial glass company will effectively address:


  • Advertising: Crystal clear glass is advertising opportunity. Promotion through high-visibility is one of the best means for a business to get their message out to the local community. An experienced commercial glass company will know that clarity is a quality that differs for the type of glass used in storefront design.


  • Repairs & Maintenance: All that glass requires regular maintenance. However, who wants to deal with business disruption or the unsightliness of a crew of repairmen blocking the view and interfering with customer traffic? An effective commercial glass company will feature teams of skilled technicians who work efficiently and quickly so clients can move on with their own business routine.


  • Security: Any glass barrier between a business and the public, although great for advertising, becomes a security risk. The best professionals in the commercial glass industry will know which products provide the greatest clarity for a “knock their socks off” appearance yet will also provide the highest quality of shatter-resistance to meet the security needs of a business.


Custom Capabilities


The materials used by contractors in building commercial business sites widely varies. To ensure that your glass frontage job meets the highest standards, choose a company that has the skill to offer custom capabilities. An exceptional commercial glass company will be able to custom fabricate and install according to what existing structure designs and materials demand.





In addition to glass technicians that are trained to work with an array of building materials, a variety of glass types should also be available to meet every project need:


  • Annealed: This type of glass undergoes a controlled cooling process. Although not as strong as tempered glass, it is suitable for cabinet displays, tabletops and interior windows. It will shatter into shards if broken, so safety concerns should be considered.


  • Tempered: Stronger than annealed glass, this type of glass is also considered safer. Upon shattering it fractures into harmless, pebble-like pieces. A heated manufacturing process and extremely slow cool-down is what results in the strength of tempered glass. This type of glass is commonly used in computer monitors and sliding patio doors. Many municipalities have building codes requiring the use of tempered glass for windows in commercial and residential building construction.


  • Laminated: Considered a safety glass, even if shattered, the pane of glass remains intact. It is held together by a vinyl interior layer. Laminated glass also has superior sound reduction qualities and blocks 99% of UV light. Its most common use is for automobile windshields.


  • Insulated: This type of glass is, basically, a glass sandwich. Insulated glass consists of 2 panes of glass with a sealed layer of inert gas between them. The layer of gas controls energy transfer between the interior pane and exterior pane. Many homeowners upgrade to this type of glass for more energy-efficient windows. This type of window glass is commonly found in office buildings, hotels and hospitals.



Specialty Glass


A commercial glass company that exceeds the performance of competitors will do more than just windows. Businesses commonly have specialty glass needs such as:


  • Solutions for cloudy insulated glass
  • Plexiglass displays
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Sneeze-guards
  • Custom glass railings



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