Five Things You Most Likely Did Not Know About Custom Mirrors

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Custom Mirrors


Every household features custom mirrors. There are vanity mirrors in bathrooms and full-length mirrors in dressing areas. There may also be mirrored doors or tabletops. Humans and mirrors have a long history. This reflective device has done much more than serving as a tool to check out what we look like. Custom mirrors have served many purposes from scientific to religious.


World’s Largest Mirror: Few have heard of the Salar de Uyuni. It is the largest salt flat in the world. Located in Bolivia, every year this flat plane of minerals becomes encased with a thin layer of water. When this occurs, Salar de Uyuni becomes a 4,086 square mile natural mirror that can be seen from outer space. Perhaps not technically a human-made custom mirror, it is still, nevertheless, the world’s most massive mirror. Photographs of reflections in the world’s most enormous mirror are nothing short of surreal.  


Mirrors in Space: Of course, mirrors are used in many scientific devices like telescopes and lasers. The most famous telescope just might be NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. One would think any experimental equipment that would be used by the nation’s top scientists would be impeccably designed. However, there is a flaw in the Hubble’s primary mirror which mars the images taken by Hubble.


The flaw that created noticeable aberration was only one-50th the thickness of hair. This little fault occurred during the grinding process of the mirror. Rather than replace this custom mirror, the Hubble Space Telescope was, instead, given a pair of glasses, like how a nearsighted person corrects their imaging flaw.


Animals in Mirrors: Anyone who has a pet has probably had a bit of fun at their pet’s expense when it comes to mirrors. Dogs and cats are often confused by their reflections. They stalk, they whine, they hide, they attack. Sometimes they try to find the creature in the mirror by looking at it. Eventually, they give up and accept things as they are without ever receiving a satisfactory explanation.


Primates, however, seem to recognize their reflection. They often have a very human reaction. They revert to issues of vanity, grooming themselves so that they look their very best.


Mirrors in History: Fantasy and paranormal stories often feature a bowl filled with the liquid used to scry a supernatural remote viewing of another person or event. Although scrying is the stuff of fantasy, a bowl of water may have been the very first mirror.


From a primitive bowl of water, archaeologists believe the mirror evolved to a polished glass of obsidian. Such a device was excavated from a site in Turkey and thought to date back to 6000 BC. Mirrors of polished stone were ordinary in Central and South America as far back as 2000BC. Ancient Chinese preferred polished bronze while ancient Syrians were using polished copper mirrors around 4000 BC. Egyptians were using Syria’s mirror technology about 1000 years later.


The first use of mirror technology similar to modern mirrors was found in a Lebanese archaeology site. The metal-coated mirror was manufactured around the early century of our modern era.


Ancient people used mirrors for more than vanity. They were used as communication devices as well as in mystical rituals. In days of old, mirrors were considered tools. However, there was often a sacredness attached to mirrors. That is why a device which served as a tool was crafted to be elegant and beautiful, to honor the sacredness manifest within it.


Modern Mirrors: Mirrors are used today for so much more than a utilitarian function. It is common for mirrors to be a focal point in a home’s decor. It takes a highly skilled artisan to design, create and install a little custom mirror. To enhance the beauty of your home, replace a damaged custom mirror or to restore a valued piece of heirloom furniture, only trust your project to a custom glass expert.


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