How Much Will a Glass Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom Cost?

How Much Will a Glass Shower Enclosure Cost?

How much will that glass shower enclosure cost? That is likely a homeowner’s first question when they begin planning a bathroom makeover. As the quotes start rolling in, consider how much more that glass shower enclosure will cost you if it is not installed correctly by a qualified professional.


ER Costs: One might think that any injury received in the shower would be due to a slip and fall. However, a recent report by the Consumer Products Safety Commission reveals that more than 4,000 injuries occur annually due to glass breakage of shower enclosures or bathtub doors.


The most common reason for a sudden shattering of these glass barriers is incorrect installation. A faulty install may, by all appearances, seem to have come off quite well. However, if the glass is tempered, a tiny, hidden fracture becomes a ticking time bomb. The glass could spontaneously shatter at any time. And anyone in the vicinity, particularly young children, can be injured.


Home Repair Costs: A faulty install will not only compromise the integrity of glass, but it will also result in a leaky shower. When it comes to a leak in the bathroom, a homeowner might not even be aware of the problem at first. Over time, however, water damage will compound the problem, making it impossible for sure tell-tale signs to escape being noticed.


Wooden flooring may become discolored and warped. Laminate flooring may begin to curl and peel. Lower portions of walls may become discolored as sheetrock starts to absorb moisture. Painted soggy sheetrock may begin to look strange, requiring replacement. A faulty install of a glass shower enclosure can cost a homeowner another bathroom makeover.


A homeowner might have thought they were saving money when they accepted a lower bid for glass shower enclosure installation. What they didn’t realize is why that effort was so little. The bottom line number reflected a lack of expertise. If your initial reaction to a low bid is that it seems too reasonable to be true, trust your instincts. Most likely, it is.


Long-Term Medical Cost: A faulty glass enclosure install that results in an obscure water leak can lead to black mold. Spores of black mold contain neurotoxins that can lead to severe and chronic health problems. Black mold is serious business. For persons who already have medical issues such as asthma, allergies or autoimmune diseases, black mold is a high-risk situation. Opting for the lowest bidding contractor to install that glass shower enclosure could cost you much more at the doctor’s office down the road.


Find An Expert: To save money and trouble down the road, only trust an expert with glass shower enclosure installation. Here is how to identify a glass professional that will do the job right:


  • Offers full-service custom glass work
  • Commercial and residential project capabilities
  • Decades of experience
  • Skilled technicians certified in particular expertise
  • Brick and mortar storefront
  • Warranties that testify to confidence in their artistry
  • Client referrals and portfolio of completed projects
  • Affiliations with industry groups such as National Glass Association (NGA)


Take Your Time: Custom glass professionals will not take a powerful approach when it comes to responding to a request for quote. Any powerful tactic designed to get you to sign on the dotted line, so you don’t miss out on a limited time offer should be a red flag.


When it comes to working with a glass specialist, a qualified professional understands the value of taking their time. A design specialist will want to get to know your personal taste and the decor theme you have in mind. A project manager will be interested in creating a seamless work schedule that minimizes the impact on your daily routine.


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