Why Should You Buy a Frameless Glass Shower For Your Home?

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Why Should You Buy a Frameless Glass Shower?


What is the one thing you dread seeing in your bathroom? Is it mold, mildew, rusting metal, or even- worse, seeing them all together? The good news is that there is a solution to avoiding these problems: a frameless glass shower enclosure.


This is one bathroom design trend that must have surely caught your eye because these days frameless glass showers are everywhere. You see them at hotels, in home décor magazines, and in pictures of beautifully done up homes on the internet. This is one trend that does not seem to be a passing one. It has been around for a while, and it looks like it is here to stay!


A frameless shower is a shower enclosure made entirely of glass, without a metal or wooden frame. The glass doors are held in place by small hinges, and that’s the only metal you see in the shower area.  A huge contrast to bulky metal frames, right?


If you are wondering whether getting a frameless glass shower door is a good idea, take a look at some of the advantages of getting one.


Appearance: Glass shower doors look classy. They can give a makeover to the bathroom and change the entire look and feel of it. Frameless shower enclosures can give a modern, contemporary air even to an old bathroom.


Open and Bright: Frameless glass doors allow light to spill through. This makes the bathroom look more open, more spacious, as well as much brighter. Transparent glass gives the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. If you have installed expensive fixtures in your bathroom or have marble flooring or beautiful tiles, glass shower doors help accentuate the beauty of these features.


Custom Made: A frameless glass shower door is completely customizable. You can choose the dimensions and sizes that fit well into your bathroom space. You can also select the type of glass you want, the exact thickness, any art if you would like, the quality and so on. There are options for plain glass or one with patterns as well. Customizable frameless shower doors give you the freedom to design your bathroom as per your preference.


Low Maintenance: Glass shower doors are much easier to maintain and keep clean. Metal frames are susceptible to rust, mold or corrosion. With glass doors, you won’t have to face this problem. Another reason why these doors are easier to clean is that there are no nooks or crannies where dust, grime or water can accumulate.


Increases Value of Your Home: If you upgrade your bathroom by installing custom glass shower doors, it will be a value addition. So, when you wish to resell the house, the upgraded bathroom will help in getting you a better price.


Good for the Environment: When you want to change the glass on your shower door, the old glass door can be recycled. Shower curtains, on the other hand, are made of plastic or vinyl, and they usually end up in the garbage and add to landfills. By installing glass shower doors, you can do your bit for the environment.


Sturdy and Safe: Frameless glass doors are made of tempered glass which is very durable. This makes these glass doors safe to use. Even in case of a breakage, there will be no shards of glass that spill everywhere.


For a sleek and elegant bathroom upgrade, a frameless shower enclosure is the way to go. Michael’s Glass Company is a full-service family owned business that has been installing custom glass showers for homeowners all over Philadelphia. Give us a call at (215) 338-3293 and let us bring your dream glass shower space to life with our expertise.