The Different Options and Different Looks for Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower Enclosures: Different Options for Different Looks

First and foremost, a bathroom should be sparkling clean. It’s a real turn off to see a dingy shower/tub combo or water spotted faucets at the bathroom sink. There’s something a little unsanitary-seeming about using a shower curtain and liner to enclose a shower/tub combo. To keep them clean, we would need to be washing them every few days — and if you’re like most otherwise good housekeepers, that’s just not happening!


A glass shower enclosure gives a bathroom a spa-like, sophisticated feel, while also making your bathroom appear clean.  This isn’t just an appearance, your bathroom actually is cleaner.  Not to mention, it is easier to wipe down your shower enclosure after a shower then it is to unhook, take down, wash, dry, and rehang that shower curtain on a regular schedule.


That being said, not all shower enclosures are the same! When it comes to the versatility of glass, you’ve got several options to choose from, and you want to pick which one is right for your bathroom.  Here are some to choose from:


  • Frameless Enclosure: A frameless enclosure with a swing-open door is one of the most popular options of enclosures.  Three words to describe this style: sleek, easy-to-clean, and spa-like.


  • Glass and Aluminum: If you prefer a more detailed design, you’ll love the option of using an aluminum framework to hold the glass in place and create a grid-like design.


  • Shower/Tub Combo with Glass Door or Panel: A lot of people with only one bathroom choose a shower/tub combo capped off by a pivoting or sliding glass door, but it seems nearly as many are opting for a glass panel only. If you have a large bathroom, you might also consider the trend of placing a shower and a separate tub in the same enclosed space.


  • Glass Block: Privacy and a modern art-deco look are what you get when you use glass block, especially if you curve the enclosure. Incidentally, glass block is an excellent solution for privacy when a window impinges on private space.


  • Tile and Glass: Tile is a popular choice for bathrooms because it’s impervious to water. If you have tiled walls in your bathroom and want to keep the continuity going by tiling the shower stall, all you’ll need is a frameless glass door to keep the water in the shower and off the bathroom floor.


  • Stationery Glass Panel: On the other hand, if your tiled shower stall is the curbless variety, you might opt to erect a stationary glass panel to keep most of the water in the stall with you. You can even make it curved for a “space age” effect.


A Few Words About Shower Glass

  • The glass used to make shower enclosures and doors are tempered, a treatment that causes the glass to break into rounded pebble-like pieces rather than shards that could cut you.
  • It’s also useful to know that you’ve got choices regarding of the look of the glass itself. Do you want a “frosted” effect for privacy? A mostly clear enclosure with some embellished areas? Or do you prefer the clean look of plain glass? The choice is up to you!

Nearly any look you can conjure up in your imagination is possible thanks to specialty glass companies who allow you to customize your very own glass shower enclosure.


Cleaning Your Glass Shower Enclosure

You can get your glass treated to resist fogging and to make it easier to clean. To keep the glass clean, you’ll need to wipe it down after showering using a squeegee or a microfiber cloth. If you’ve been lax in your daily wipe-down maintenance or hard water has left spots behind, you can use a little baking soda on a non-abrasive sponge, rinsing with vinegar, and finishing off with a glass shower enclosure’s best friend — a squeegee.

(P.S. You can get squeegees with suction cups that you can hang right inside the shower so you won’t have any excuses to skip this quick and easy chore!) You can finish with a spritz of one of the daily shower cleaners available in supermarkets.


Sourcing Your Glass Shower Enclosure in Philly

In Philadelphia, you can put your trust in Michael’s Glass Company. We specialize in auto glass, custom mirrors and shower enclosures, and provide both residential and commercial services to our friends and neighbors in Philly and surrounding areas. To learn more, you can always reach out and contact us at (215)-338-3293 to discuss your glass project and let us provide you with a free quote!